New research suggests that full-fat dairy foods may actually be OK for your heart 

It has long been thought that saturated fat, the type in full-fat dairy foods, like cheese, yogurt and milk, clogs arteries and raises cholesterol. More recent research suggests that full-fat dairy foods could actually be OK for our hearts, in moderation, and might be better for us than foods high in refined carbohydrates, like white bread, crackers, granola bars and sugary drinks.

Jennifer Sygo, registered dietitian and author of Unmasking Superfoods, tells Wellness Matters, “one as-yet unanswered question is whether or not the vitamin K2 found in aged, ripened cheeses like Brie, gouda and cheddar, is actually good for our hearts. It keeps calcium out of our arteries and in our bones, where it belongs.” Sygo notes that more research is still needed to solidify this claim. She also warns that “K2 only exists in measurable amounts in good-quality cheeses, not in processed cheeses.”

While aged, ripened cheeses are regaining popularity, according to Sygo, more common “processed cheese tends to be lower in nutrients and higher in sodium.” When shopping for food, whether it’s at a local supermarket or in restaurants, seek out aged, ripened cheese.


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