This season, create more warmth inside your living space with eight simple steps

In the last days of summer, autumn sneaks into the air. Leaves begin to fall, mornings and evenings are cooler, and days are noticeably shorter. As much as we’re reluctant to let go of long, languid summer days, autumn brings an infectious, energetic vibe. Daily routines shift, and so does the functionality of our homes. When it gets cooler outside, we look to create more warmth inside our living spaces.

BC Living asked two home decor experts—EQ3’s Visual Director Clifford Goodwill and Indigo’s VP of Lifestyle, General Merchandise Lori Legaspi-Moores—about the best ways to warm up your home for fall.

Here are eight great ways to get cozy in your own space...

1. Provide a warm welcome

OttomanEQ3EQ3’s Clifford Goodwill says that for functionality and visual appeal, it’s a good idea to rearrange your entryway. “Leaving the house in the summer is easy—you put on your shoes and head out the door," Goodwill explains. “As it gets cooler, you need space to put on your layers.” He suggests first changing the front door mat to stop leaves from drifting into the house and to guard against wet or snowy footwear, plus he advises that if there isn’t space for a large rug, a runner is a workable option.

Storage baskets—to organize and conceal cold weather accessories, like gloves and scarves—keep the entryway tidy. “Consider adding hooks, a mirror or extra shelves for keys, sunglasses and mail that can be used all year long,” Goodwill suggests.

If your entry has the space, add seating for putting on shoes. The seat doesn’t have to be large and he cites EQ3’s round or oval ottomans or their Harvest Entryway Bench as examples of how to add seating in a small space.

2. Get all wrapped up

ThrowIndigoJust as we pull on a fluffy sweater in cooler months, so should our home be layered with weightier textures. Indigo’s Lori Legaspi-Moores explains, “Incorporating textures, such as chunky knits, velvet pillows and faux fur throws, can add warmth to any space.”

“Bring out the cozy throws in the living room, the family room and the bedroom. As the weather gets cooler, everyone in my family loves to snuggle up under a soft blanket,” she says. She points to this season’s knit chenille blankets that are plush, and how their velvety texture works in both a casual or more formal room, or even in a bedroom.

“Velvet is a big trend in home décor. It’s a luxurious fabric that feels as good as it looks,” she adds.

3. Use an illuminating perspective

During the summer, we usually have generous natural light indoors until a late hour. But, as Goodwill explains, we quickly need to rely more on artificial light in the fall.

Floor lampEQ3“The easiest way to accommodate the lighting transition between seasons is to purchase lighting with built-in dimmer switches,” Goodwill says. “This is a foolproof way to ensure your light will function in every season.”

He suggests having a floor task lamp that can be used in multiple rooms to provide a comfortable reading environment. And lighting is not just about functionality, it’s also about creating an inviting environment and overhead lighting is rarely the way to achieve that.

“Lighting fixtures are often best at reflecting light off the floors, walls or ceiling of a space. This lighting strategy will create a comfortable glow in darker months rather than a harsh beam of light,” Goodwill says.

lightIndigoLegaspi-Moores agrees that lighting is key to making a space comfortable. "We love soft white lighting to highlight a cozy space. The LED Glass Cloche in copper (pictured) adds warmth while also acting a beautiful decor piece." Lighting like this works well in a variety of locations: end table, credenza, open shelving or fireplace mantels.


4. Pull a room together

Grid rugEQ3Rugs not only add real warmth to a room, they also pull a room’s look together.

Goodwill says the sandy, warm hue of the EQ3 Grid Rug is an example of how to add “subtle colour, texture and pattern.” Wool rugs are warm on the feet and feel soft and luxurious.

5. Add organic elements

Fika trayEQ3Incorporating natural materials is a subtle but effective way to add warmth to a space. “Linen, sandstone and walnut are key materials for EQ3 this fall,” says Goodwill. “Linen can be introduced to any room through pillows, napkins, placemats and bedding.”

He says that EQ3’s solid sandstone objects for the home range from bookends and bowls to coasters, adding that it’s a warmer but still neutral alternative to accessories in white marble.

Goodwill says that walnut is also a “popular finish because of the beautiful character of the grain, neutral palette and timeless appeal.”

6. Use some homey hues

CelloEQ3“Integrating pops of rich autumnal colours like teal and burgundy into the home is a great way to transition to the cooler months,” says Legapsi-Moores. Do this by switching out cushion covers, or draping the aforementioned throw over the arm of a chair or sofa.

Goodwill concurs that adding colour makes an impact. “It’s hard to warm up a space when everything is grey. Opting for a warm beige instead of a cool grey on larger pieces will help warm up the palette of the room. If you have trouble committing to colour, then pillows are a great place to start and can change seasonally. This fall, EQ3 is focusing on a palette of burnt red and blush tones to warm up our showrooms.”

7. Curate with a personal touch

TouchesEQ3Goodwill says warm environments are about the personal touch. You want to avoid—even if you eschew clutter—having a look too bare as if you just moved in. If it’s too impersonal a space can look cold. “Showcase souvenirs from a recent trip, eclectic finds from a vintage shop, sea shells from your favourite beach or display your favourite books,” Goodwill explains. “The trick is to edit down your selections, making them a highlight but not the focus of a room.”

For walls, he continues, "Unless you are lucky enough to have unique architectural elements in your space, like a textured wood wall or exposed brick, consider adding artwork, textiles or mirrors. This is particularly important if you are hesitant to change the colour of your walls or if you are renting."

8. Go for the glow

CandleIndigoDon’t underestimate the warm glow from candles! Whether you opt for flameless or the real deal, candles create a relaxing ambiance. Scented candles can add another ambient layer of comfort.

“Small details can have a big impact,” says Legaspi-Moores. “And lighting a few scented candles is a great way to add some warmth and cosiness to any space. Not only is the aroma incredible, but a candle like our Mercury Candle in Ginger and Pumpkin Spice, is also speckled glass so it produces a lovely warm flickering glow... perfect for any fall evening in.”

Even if you only switch up the covers on your throw cushions to a luxurious velvet or—if you’re bolder—to faux fur, what is clear is that small changes can be transformative in making your home more inviting and comfortable during the colder seasons.