Curious about buying a mattress online? We break down the experience

The last time I bought a mattress (longer ago than I care to admit), I went into a showroom and got to flop around on a bunch of beds before deciding which one I wanted to purchase—so I’ve always been a little wary about buying a mattress online.

But with so many mattress companies now in the e-commerce space, and with COVID making in-person shopping more challenging, I wanted to explore the option more seriously—and I was pleasantly surprised.

There’s really only one way to review a mattress: you need to sleep on it. So Montreal-based online mattress brand Polysleep sent me their Zephyr mattress to try.

Founded in 2016, Polysleep promises to provide the best sleep experience possible by offering mattresses and pillows that use innovative technology at the best price point possible.

Polysleep’s hybrid foam mattresses are made in Canada, which was a major selling point for me. They work with local businesses that employ local workers, ensuring high quality while supporting the Canadian economy. The bonus? Local also means reducing their carbon footprint by minimizing the transportation steps required to get your mattress to you.

If you’re worried about purchasing a mattress without being able to test it out, you actually can try before you buy. Polysleep has a number of stores that carry their products so you can get a better idea of how the product looks and feels before making the commitment.

And if you’re concerned you might not like the mattress after sleeping on it for awhile, Polysleep gives you 100 nights to return it after the first 45 nights of your trial (they want you to break in the mattress for 45 days before making the decision to return). They’ll then coordinate a pick-up date (no charge) and give you a full refund.

Once I received the mattress, I was impressed with the packaging. The box for a queen-sized mattress is surprisingly small due to the packing method. In fact, we were waiting for a new bed frame before we could use the mattress and were told we could leave the mattress in the box for up to 90 days, which was super-convenient in our small space. But a word of warning: you can’t take the mattress out to look at it or you’ll never get it back in.

Unpacking the mattress is fun (see video above)! Because it’s so compressed, the minute you let it out, it’s like those kids’ sponge bath toys that grow as you watch it slowly expand on your bed. Within minutes, your bed is ready to lie on.

The second I dove onto the new mattress, I knew we were good. The Zephyr is medium-firm yet soft and I felt really supported. If you like a softer pillow-top type feel, I would suggest purchasing a topper, but if you like a firmer mattress, definitely give this mattress a try without one first.

So what is it made of? The Zephyr mattress has four layers:

  1. A memory foam topper infused with gel particles to regulate your temperature for a better rest.
  2. A ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam that contours to your body to help identify and relieve pressure points. It also helps improve airflow to keep you cool.
  3. A premium soft foam to provide comfort and a high-support density foam which “guarantees a better sleep.”
  4. The base layer offers support, working as a box spring and providing reinforcement on the sides when you sit on it.

All layers are cased in an organic nanobionic cover, a technology that naturally transfers energy back into your body to give you a better quality sleep. And all of the foam is antimicrobial which helps to reduce bacteria growth and protect against allergies.

I’ve been having shoulder problems off and on since working from home due to the pandemic and I can honestly say my condition has improved since sleeping on this mattress. It’s supportive and comfy, and I rest easy knowing it’s made in Canada. I’m a side sleeper who sometimes makes my way onto my back, and I can recommend this mattress for either of those positions.

Overall, I highly recommend Polysleep’s Zephyr mattress for not just the product, but overall customer experience. Sweet dreams!