Support local artists and the next generation at the Splash Art Auction and Gala

AU HeaderArts UmbrellaWe’ve all been spending more time at home in recent months. And while home has always been our refugea place for family dinners and quiet evenings init’s now so much more than that. Home is the office, the entertainment centre, the test kitchen and bar, a space in which to expand our horizons and explore new hobbies.

Now, more than ever, creating a beautiful, energizing and peaceful space is important. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something to complete your gallery wall, a new work of art is an incredible way to add a unique story to your space.

This yearfor the first time everSplash Art Auction and Gala, presented by Nicola Wealth, the annual benefit to raise funds for Arts Umbrella, is opening its silent auction to the public. This is your chance to add a piece of Canadian history to your home and simultaneously support youth access to arts education.

The Garden
Credit: Tara Lee Bennet "The Garden"

Renowned and emerging Canadian artists

Local artists and gallerists are at the very heart of Splash. Each year, they donate their very best to Splash and this year’s art collection is no exception. The 2020 Silent Auction includes paintings, prints, stoneware and sculptures by 64 Canadian artists, including Tara Lee Bennett, Stacy Lederman, Gina Miller, Kari Kristensen and Lyle XOX.

Credit: Stacy Lederman "Explore" (Photo: Ted Clark)

There is something innately fulfilling about supporting a local artist, uncovering a person whose work speaks to you. You can browse the full collection online. Inspired by a Silent Auction work? Bidding is now open and does not require a Splash ticket purchase.

Credit: Gina Miller "Joy Flag I - Joy Flag III" (Photo: Ted Clark)

Supporting future generations of artists

Arts Umbrella believes the arts are an essential part of every child’s development. Those who place the winning bid at Splash will take home not just an incredible piece of art, but the knowledge that their support will provide young people across Metro Vancouver with access to an arts education.

Credit: Kari Kristensen "Bobbing"

As a non-profit, Arts Umbrella is dedicated to removing the geographic, cultural, social and financial barriers that can prevent young people from accessing the arts. Every year, Arts Umbrella reaches thousands of students, with more than 81 percent accessing programs and workshops in art and design, dance and theatre, music and film at no cost, through bursaries, scholarships and donor-funded community partnerships.

Credit: Lyle XOX "NaCI"

Join the Arts Umbrella this fall in supporting local artists and the artists of tomorrow.

Learn more online or connect with @artsumbrella on FacebookInstagram or Twitter, and follow along with the auction excitement at @au_splash on Instagram.