Michelle Young steps up to hand out roses on a new season of one of City's guilty pleasures

The BacheloretteCityDuring the previous season of The Bachelor, fans of the romance reality show watched titular Bachelor Matt James woo his way through a bevy of beauties before deciding on his final two, one of whom was Michelle Young, a late arrival to the season. While Young was ultimately not James’ pick, she wound up becoming the pick of producers, who are bringing her back for another shot at love, this time as star of The Bachelorette.

The 28-year-old elementary school teacher has big dreams for the future, and has revealed that she’s seeking a man who will be supportive of her plans and, like her, is driven to help make the world a better place. “She is looking for the Superman to her Superwoman,” declares ABC’s press release, “and is ready to find a love with whom she can start a family of her own.”

The BacheloretteCityWith that lofty goal in mind, Young starts out the season weeding through a new batch of 30 suitors, each of whom will be pulling out all the stops as they vie for her affections—and an ever-dwindling supply of roses. Among them are: an NFL player from Chicago, a firefighter from Texas, a yoga guru from nearby Washington state, a financial crimes analyst from Cleveland, an “academic interventionist” (whatever that is) from Michigan, a “pizzapreneur” from Florida, a neuroscientist from Brooklyn and a motivational speaker from Halifax, the sole Canadian in the new season.

Weirdly enough, there have been rumours aplenty in recent weeks that one of the men competing on the show has already started filming the upcoming next season of The Bachelor, which pretty much eliminates that particular suitor. (Go ahead and Google “next Bachelor” if you’re curious, because you’re not getting any spoilers out of us!)

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on City & ABC