From a final visit by rock and roll's bad boys to a stellar trombone wonder, it's all happening this month

1. Peter Murphy at Vogue Theatre – Saturday, January 19

Peter MurphyFacebook/Peter Murphy InfoHas it really been 40 years since British singer/songwriter Peter Murphy hit the scene with his seminal band Bauhaus? Yes, believe it or not, it actually has. Murphy has maintained a successful enough solo career in the past three and a half decades, but it's still advantageous for him to tap original Bauhaus bassist David J on the shoulder to bring back the vibe of that post-punk-gothic-rock era for the band’s 40th anniversary. You may have noticed how this whole trend of reliving the glory of three, four or even five decades ago has become a certified thing in the music industry these days. Better yet, it’s a whole new reason for us to mine some more cash out of the ATMs. So even though Bela Lugosi has been dead for some time now, it’s safe to say the romantic notion of nostalgia lives on in our pocketbooks.
Tickets from $55.09

2. Silverstein at Rickshaw Theatre – Friday, January 25

SilversteinFacebook/Silverstein MusicFor a band that’s only been recording for 15 years, Silverstein have certainly amassed an impressive number of releases in their discography. With nine full-length studio albums, four EPs, a compilation and one live spinner, the Burlington emo-hardcore-punk outfit simply cannot be accused of sitting back and waiting for stuff to happen. It should come as no surprise then that these guys have been burning up the highways on a 50-date North American tour that’s scheduled to wrap up in Las Vegas just a few days after this Chinatown gig. Expect two sets starting with a flashback to their very first release, When Broken Is Easily Fixed, followed by a run of greatest hits. Again, two sets? NOT lazy! If you happen to be looking for a great excuse to get your butt off the sofa on a Friday night, this would be it.
Tickets from $27.28

3. Zimmers Hole at Rickshaw Theatre – Saturday, January 26

ZimmersFacebook/Zimmers Hole OfficialVanCity’s favourite harbingers of extreme metal chaos, Zimmers Hole, finally make their long-awaited return to the stage to celebrate “A Hole Evening of Hole–Bound by Flames.” In this one-night-only event, the guys will play two complete sets featuring their first two albums, Bound by Fire and Legion of Flames, both performed in their entirety. This evening will also feature a special performance by Vancouver’s own spectral-death-ambient master of Japanese folklore, Kanashibari to make your most lucid nightmares a reality. Andbecause I’m one of those people who firmly believes everyone should be buying their music instead of streaming itthis night of madness and bedlam also signals the launch of SCRAPE RecordsThe Label offering you an excellent opportunity to pick up some beautifully repackaged and remastered reissues of the band’s aforementioned freshman and sophomore releases, lovingly pressed onto several different versions of vinyl (as well as cool new CD packages, for all you digital-loving folk). VIP and meet and greet bundles are also available, affording you the rare occasion to hang with Lorde Heathen and his unholy cohorts. If you do decide to partake, I’d like to provide you with just a modicum of advice: wear flameproof apparel. You’re welcome.
Tickets from $29.50

4. KISS at Rogers Arena – Thursday, January 31

KissFacebook/KISSEverybody’s got a KISS story. Mine? Five summers ago, my husband and I were living in temporary digs while we were waiting to take possession of our condo. It was a sweltering July, and the apartment had little-to-no airflow. In short, it was a sweatbox. When we were offered a pair of KISS tickets, I jumped at the chance, as my first thought was, “Hell, yeah. Rogers Arena is air conditioned!” It was a great evening, except for when we were leaving, I turned to my hubby and said, “You know, it’s really too bad they didn’t do ‘Heaven’s On Fire’.” I was informed that they did, in fact, perform that particular song. Bottom line: it was the best sleep I’d had in three weeks. I’m not kidding. It behooves me to mention this is the band’s supposed final tour. Okay, sure, I’ll believe it when I see it. There’s money to be made and Gene Simmons will tell you when he’s rich enough. Moral of this entire story: if you’re suffering from insomnia, there’s a cure, and it’ll only cost you $125.
Tickets from $125.10

5. Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue at Commodore Ballroom – Thursday, January 31

TromboneFacebook/Trombone ShortyFar be it from me to name names, but over the years, there have been an awful lot of entertainers claiming to be jazz musicians. It’s laughable, really. I mean, just because you have a horn section in your band, doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. Cue the fabulous Trombone Shorty and his legit outfit Orleans Avenue to set everyone straight. Known to his folks as Troy Andrews, the kid first appeared onstage with Bo Diddley at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival at the tender age of four. I said four! Now 33 years old, the New Orleans native is a renowned trombone and trumpet player, but he can also blow your mind with his skills on drums, organ and tuba. Top that off with his philanthropic efforts in the formation of the Trombone Shorty Foundation, which not only donates musical instruments to educational institutions, but also provides mentorship to high school musicians in the NOLA area. This guy is the real deal, so I would expect a total sellout on this night. Scoop up a ticket now because you don’t want to miss this cracking chance to tear up the ballroom floor with one of today’s finest players.
Tickets $68.50