Check out performances by megastars including Ed Sheeran, Sting, Lionel Richie plus more this month

1. Ed Sheeran at BC Place – Saturday, September 2

The recent tide of pop superstardom has brought upon us what can only be described as an obscenely greedy cash grab. Case in point, a certain über-popular songstress (who shall remain nameless as she’s had more than enough media coverage to the point where we’re learning everything about her most mundane attributes on a minute-by-minute basis) has been charging upwards of thousands of dollars for a single ticket, and people are somehow happily willing to shake off their credit card limits or completely defer entire mortgage payments to see her.

Oddly, though, probably the second-most-popular pop star on the planet (who just so happened to receive a major push in his career by opening for the afore-not-mentioned several years ago) is not following that formula. Industry nice guy Ed Sheeran isn’t playing that game, and he’s certainly not expecting his fans to bear the burden of fighting against TicketMonster either. I mean, yes, you’ll still have to pay a touch more than $200 for a ticket, but these days, that’s considered bargain market value, especially considering it’s an in-the-round setup. If you’re part of his dedicated (and verified!) fanbase, you likely had a chance to purchase a ticket to see him in the intimate surroundings of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre the night before this big shindig. Lucky you! And you know what? I think the best thing about this dude is how I’m not hearing any stories about his bowel movements, and I have absolutely no clue how many break-ups he’s been through. Imagine that!
Tickets from $206.50

2. The Dead Daisies at Hollywood Theatre – Saturday, September 2

If you feel like you’re missing some seriously fun ’70s-style tunes in your life (and I’m talking about the good stuff, not that weirdo Zeppelin-wannabe fakey fluff), may I suggest getting yourself out to the Hollywood to catch The Dead Daisies for all your hard ‘n’ heavy classic rock needs? This collective was founded in 2012 by Aussie guitarist David Lowy who made it his mission to keep rock music alive and kicking, and over the years, he’s recruited a veritable cornucopia of some of the finest musicians in the genre in a bit of a revolving-door set-up (sorta like a Menudo for grown-ups). This most recent lineup features powerhouse vocalist John Corabi at the helm (whom you’ll know if you purchased Mötley Crüe’s eponymous album—the only one featuring a real lead singer), along with guitarist Doug Aldrich, bassist Michael Devin and drummer Brian Tichy (all formerly of Whitesnake fame, amongst several other great bands). Consider this group a gift from the gods in an era when this type of music has been declared deceased for decades. Rock’s not dead—it’s Dead Daisies.
Tickets from $44

3. The Chicks at Rogers Arena – Tuesday, September 5

All those rednecks shouting “Freedom!” while claiming some sort of questionable victory due to a poorly executed racist rant about a small town owe a giant apology to the way they treated The Chicks so many years ago. Honestly, if they’re talking about freedom of speech, then why was it acceptable to blacklist these girls from thousands of country music radio stations across the United States because of a remark, and an accurate one at that? These are strange times we live in, and when an outfit like this makes a stand against hatred and war, even going so far as to make things right by dropping the “Dixie” from their original band name, they get cancelled. It doesn’t make sense. Be that as it may, Canada has been a longstanding supporter of these three charming ladies, so they thankfully continue to grace us with their presence and their abundant talents, and the fans here still arrive in droves. Don’t mess with these Chicks, ’cause they’re still not ready to make nice.
Tickets from $79.45

4. Lionel Richie and Earth, Wind & Fire at Rogers Arena – Tuesday, September 12

Well, my friends, the time has come, to raise the roof and have some fun! When you feel down and out, sing a song, it’ll make your day, yeah! That’s right, Vancouver, it’s time to bring the funk with the “Sing a Song All Night Long” tour featuring Lionel Richie and Earth, Wind & Fire. Seriously, what a cool lineup. This show sounds like it’ll likely be the biggest party celebration of the year, and even though Rogers Arena has a seating capacity of around 19,000, I can’t imagine anybody in that room will be sitting for even a split-second of it. Oh, what a feeling, when you’re dancing on the ceiling while you remember the 12th night of September, chasin’ the clouds away.
Tickets from $69.02

5. Sting at Rogers Arena – Friday, September 29

When considering artists whose solo careers have either equalled or eclipsed that of their former band, you can’t have that conversation without including the one and only Sting. Sure, the eternally youthful 71-year-old whippersnapper was once frontman of one of the biggest pop-rock groups of the 20th century (kids, ask your parents), but for the past 38 years, he’s been making major bank (selling his catalogue for a reported $300 million USD last year) and receiving multiple Grammy and Brit Awards, along with an Emmy and a Golden Globe, as well as Academy Award nomination. Don’t forget, he and his fellow Police-men were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 20 years ago, he’s received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he’s a Kennedy Center Honoree, and just a few months ago, he was made an Ivor Novello Fellow. I’ve only listed just a tiny smattering of his accolades because I’ve got a limited word count to deal with here. Anyway, if you missed out on seeing The Police host their first three reunion shows here in VanCity back in 2007, I’m here to tell you I feel very bad for you. I will also offer my condolences if you missed Sting's intimate gig at the Commodore in 2017. I’m sorry. Really. So, here’s your chance to make it all better by grabbing a ticket to see Mr. Gordon Sumner (and his kid, Joe) at Rogers. Don’t miss him this time, and don’t be telling me you have to babysit your second cousin’s iguana that night. I’m tired of the excuses. Just buy the ticket and thank me later.
Tickets from $92.25