This winter, explore another incredible collection of new finds and favourites from across Canada

2020 was a year full of ever-changing plans, unexpected challenges and—in the midst of it all—opportunities to discover new ways of going about your day. From the importance of “me time” to revamped exercise programs, we’ve all shifted how we undertake even the most familiar of tasks.

And so, with that spirit of discovery in mind, we’re excited to kick off 2021 by sharing a collection of new finds and favourites from across Canada. Even if your social invites are fewer and further between these days (like, six feet further), you’ll be prepped with the style aids and grooming products recommended here.

Inside this winter’s #editorsbox, you’ll find an effective, easy-to-use hair product guaranteed to keep you well-coiffed; socks with a bright, inspiring print that adds a dash of colour; hand warmers to heat your pockets or gloves when the days get frigid; an all-natural relaxation aid to ensure your long winter’s nap is restorative; a high-performance moisturizer that promises a refreshed, vibrant mug; and even a body wash boasting truly invigorating scents. Superior design. Excellent quality. These items are dependable and reliable... in a time that is anything but.

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1. AG Hair – Dry Lift, $24

AGFormulated with over 96 percent plant-based and naturally derived ingredients, AG Hair’s Dry Lift instantly adds grit, volume and texture. Kaolin clay and volcanic ash absorb excess oil, creating a thickening effect, allowing hair to be styled and manipulated. Vegan-friendly and silicone-free, Dry Lift’s blend of essential oils provides natural fragrance that doesn’t overpower.

2. Wolf Clothing Co. – Aspen Socks, $13.99

WolfOnce again, Vancouver’s Wolf Clothing Co. has brought together form and function with their newest sock, the Aspen—and Extraordinary Man subscribers are receiving it first! The ice-blue colour of this brand new design is contrasted with a navy-and- white dot design, hugely reminiscent of Aspen, Colorado itself. It's ideal for the winter season ahead! The company’s 176-needle thread count means that the socks are the perfect thickness, keeping you just the right temperature. When you’re talking Wolf, you’re talking quality.

3. Vitality – Magnesium and Chamomile Capsules, $18.99

VitalityVancouver’s Vitality strives to provide you with nutritional supplements showcasing a full range of health benefits, from energizing formulas to immune support. This combination offers the calming properties of magnesium and German chamomile to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Gentle on the stomach and high in absorption, the convenient capsules are melatonin-free, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and non-GMO.

4. MIFA – Eucalyptus Coco Body Wash, $35

WashHailing from the West Coast and a finalist in last year’s Made in Vancouver Awards, held by our colleagues at Vancouver magazine, the MIFA Eucalyptus Coco body wash helps moisturize, cleanse and even relax. It’s made with the highest quality organic ingredients— boasting notes of eucalyptus, peppermint and more—for a refreshing scrub this winter.

5. Bro-mance – Age-proof Peptide Complex Moisturizer, $36

CreamAge is just a number, and this age-proof grooming aid confirms it. Forget about what is says on your driver’s licence, this moisturizer relies on a blend of hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and more than half a dozen unique botanical actives to create a light, fast-absorbing formula. Bromance encourages you to “add a little pep to your step and put a little peptide on your skin” for optimal results.

6. Avventura Outdoors – Hand Warmers, $4.95

HandsWe may not be out adventuring quite as much as we did at this time last year, but this two-pack of hand warmers from Avventura Outdoors is a must-have if you’re spending time outdoors this season—and they couldn’t be easier to use! Just open, shake and enjoy hours of heat in your pocket, mitts, sleeping bag or anywhere else.