Can drinking hot lemon water before your meals actually improve your health or is it just another fad?

Vancouver-based holistic sports nutritionist Sarah J. Cuff puts some truth behind this health trend...

Drinking lemon water—hot or cold—first and foremost helps you to stay well-hydrated. Cuff recommends that you start your day with a big glass of water (500 ml) and bring a water bottle with you for the remainder of the day.

How it works

“Beyond keeping you hydrated, the added lemon does two things,” explains Cuff. “It adds flavour to make the water more appealing and it kickstarts the digestive system.” Depending on how much lemon is used, you may also be getting some vitamin C.

Helpful or harmful?

While there is minimal research on this, Cuff says: “You need to stay hydrated to maintain good health and energy.” Adding lemon to your water may help you drink more, and it certainly won’t harm you!