The holiday season is upon us, but while we look forward to cozy cups of hot chocolate and mulled wine, who says we can’t still enjoy a light, refreshing (and effortlessly cool) bevvie?

Tee Beverages offers just that, with a tasty new vodka beverage infused with tea botanicals. 

Tee Beverages had its soft launch on September 8th in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and the Interior, and can be found in select private liquor stores across the province.

CEO Matt Ryan, co-founder of Electric Bicycle Brewing and one of the creators of Tee Beverages, shares that the business was inspired by the experience of enjoying ‘good old-fashioned hangouts with friends’, and the growing global health trend extending into the alcohol industry. 

“People are simply more conscious today of what they put in their body,” says Ryan, “This is especially true for younger generations as we see many young people choosing more responsible consumption options, or simply consuming less alcohol in general.”

Ryan adds that due to the low-calorie nature of most ready-to-drink beverages like White Claw, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. “RTDs appeal to a much larger audience because they do not have a niche consumer anymore,” says Ryan, “Overall, people want to feel healthier while drinking alcohol, and see these beverages as the best way to achieve that while still feeling a part of social culture and drinking.” 

The aesthetic and “vibe” of Tee Beverages is stylish and modern. Ryan says that is by design. “As we developed the brand and concept, it became obvious to us that we wanted it to feel fun and social.” 

Ryan says he and the team are most looking forward to people tasting and enjoying the product. “We want people to feel healthier and better when they consume alcohol because, at our core, that is what we crave as well.”

Eager to give Tee Beverages a try yourself? Here are the current flavours in their lineup: 

Peach Green Tea

peach tee drinkWho doesn’t love peach? This flavour blends two classic favourites to create a perfect mix of sweet and subtle. The sweet peach flavour hits you on the nose, while notes of green tea soothe and refresh.

Passionfruit Tea

passionfruit teeAn ode to summer, this refreshing and simple flavour takes you back to long days in the sun. Transport yourself to a tropical island surrounded by trade winds and powerful fruit aromas. 

Rose Lychee

lycheeRose tea was originally brewed for its medicinal qualities and has evolved into a distinctive, complementary flavour. Combined with the flavour of lychee, this blend is best enjoyed year-round for a truly unique taste. 

Lemon Hibiscus

A strong splash of hibiscus with a subtle hint of lemon gives this a refreshing flavour that tastes great all year. The natural cranberry notes of hibiscus combined with the acidity of lemon make for a unique and exciting twist on a classic favourite.

Where to buy: Select private liquor stores in BC, including West Coast Liquor Company (Kerrisdale), Legacy Liquor Store, Viti Wine and Lager, Liberty Wine Merchants, and Spinnakers Liquor Store (Victoria).