The Vancouver Aquarium’s rescued sea otter pupsRialto, Mak and Kunikdiscovered an early Easter surprise in their habitat recently: Easter egg ice treats! They didn’t waste any time cracking the ice on rocks and enjoying their treatseven hiding some in their “rock pockets” (armpits) for safe keeping.

Ice treats are an enrichment item for sea otters; often frozen with smaller toys or shrimp inside, the ice encourages a natural jackhammering behavior and provides physical stimulation.

Now that the sea otters have found their Easter eggs, Vancouver Aquarium is inviting visitors to join in the fun and participate in the Aquarium’s first-ever Egg-ucational Easter Scavenger Hunt. From Friday, April 14 to Monday, April 17, guests can participate in a self-guided Easter-themed scavenger hunt featuring astonishing aquatic creatures and their eggs. Participants receive a chocolate treat and an opportunity to win one of three Animal Encounters with either curious penguins, majestic sea lions, or playful sea otters.