Anita Curry from Avenue Spaces shares how her company is taking the guesswork out of furniture shopping

avenue spaces anita curry

Decorating your home can be fun and rewarding, but for many of us it can be daunting to know where to start. From figuring out a theme and budget to hunting down furniture, there’s no shortage of choice, especially if you’re a new homeowner starting from scratch. It was with this concern in mind that Vancouver-based interior design company Avenue Spaces came to life. For founder Anita Curry, the goal was to help make furnishing your home a more efficient, enjoyable experience.


How it works

1 avenuePaper CraneHere’s the gist: Rather than spend endless hours browsing furniture shops to find what you’re looking for, Curry and her team at Avenue Spaces do most of the work for you. “Think of it like going to a hairdresser, pointing to a photo and asking, ‘can you make my hair look like this?’ We want people to be able to access all the products from an image they love, pull it all together into a room for less than what you would pay for retail.”

First-hand furniture-hunting skills

avenue 3Paper CraneThe idea for Avenue Spaces came from Curry’s own furniture-hunting experience moving to Vancouver from the U.K. “We came here from nothing and had to furnish a place from scratch and with little money or time,” she says, “we initially went through Craigslist and found all our furniture that way.” Curry knew what she wanted and had an eye for spotting deals on high-quality brands like Bo Concept and Inform.

Style quiz

5 avenueAfter successfully furnishing her home, Curry thought about helping other Vancouver homeowners in similar situations find deals on stylish furniture. She set up a website with a quick questionnaire and had her first client within a week. The driving force behind Avenue Spaces is functionality, says Curry, who notes that having access to so much product can be overwhelming for a consumer.

Pulling it all together

avneue 4Paper CraneClients undergo a simple five-step process: After completing a quick style quiz, they move on to a slightly longer lifestyle questionnaire to determine their place, space and project. Afterwards, a design team drops by to measure the space before selecting products and decor to match the client’s style and budget (which clients can then choose from either online or via an on-site viewing). Finally, a delivery team delivers selected furniture and decor and stylists help put the space together, complete with finishing touches.