Once in a while, we all need a reminder to be mindful

Sometimes all you need is a reminder. A reminder that you’re strong. A reminder that your life is filled with beautiful things. And a reminder that you are one of them. Catherine Roscoe Barr is that reminder.

Founder and creator of The Life Delicious, Catherine is a global wellness coach, fitness, food and travel writer, and an encyclopedia of all things mindful. It’s hard not to feel more positive just knowing that there are people like her in the world. And her Life Delicious retreats are raw, honest, scientifically backed and wildly inspirational.

I dove into the weekend retreat feeling overextended with a great deal of thought pollution pertaining to many things that I thought were important. While I have always felt like I’m fairly skilled at prioritizing work and balancing the many projects I take on, I have forgotten one little thingprioritizing me.

Catherine gives The Life Delicious attendees a plethora of knowledge about how important it is to take time for yourself and how beneficial that can be to all other aspects of your life. I like to think of it as the “you” domino effect. Start with a focus on a happy, healthy you, and watch that positivity trickle into your career, relationships and hobbies.

One of the most valuable things I learned from Catherine was the importance and the impact of being able to say “no.” I am a quintessential people-pleaser and a chronic workaholic. While the idea of saying no terrifies me, it has also given me a great deal of strength. I actually tried it this week and let me tell youeven though I’m sure I would have had a great time at that eventI felt invigorated after saying “no” and choosing to carve out some time for me instead.

Aside from the skillfully led movement sessions and the incredible presentations, the weekend was stacked full of incredible food and a beautiful environment thanks to the Four Seasons Whistler. The customer service was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Not only are the grounds beautiful, but the employees were charming, helpful and made our stay incredibly enjoyable. When I wasn’t in class with Catherine, I spent most of my time in the beautiful Four Seasons pool and lounging in one of their many hot-tubs and steam room. Can you say relaxing?! Catherine certainly knows how to create a well-rounded positive environment.

The weekend was equally as informative as it was relaxing. I felt the pressures of work and responsibility dwindle over my three days. Not that I plan to forego any of my commitments, but just that I felt more confident in managing my time and ensuring that each day “Natalie” is penciled into my list of priorities. I am forever grateful for the wealth of knowledge that I collected at the retreat and for the tools that I attained to live a fuller, more positive life. I left with a full heart, overwhelmed with gratitude for my wonderful family, boyfriend, friends, career and even for the beautiful city I live in.

One of my favourite Catherine-isms is “gratitudes.” Your gratitudes are to be shared at the end of each day, whether it be internally, with your partner or one of your friends. Catherine explains the science behind why reflecting on what you’re thankful for rewires your brain, ultimately making you a generally happier person. I have set a reminder in my phone each night to reflect on the things I’m grateful for. My biggest takeaway has been how many items are always on that list. I find that I have kept this tucked away in the back of my mind throughout each day, reminding myself to jot down positive occurrences, special news and general excitement for my gratitudes. This has resulted in a more optimistic outlook throughout my day.

The retreat filled me with perspective shifts, excitement, pattern-creating and mostly reminders, that I can live whatever life I choose. If you’re stressed, unhappy, overextended, lost, stuck, or even just believe that you deserve to live your best life, I wholeheartedly recommend a wellness and mindfulness retreat with The Life Delicious. After all, you deserve to feel like your best you!