Fizzing is fun, but what do bubbling face masks actually do for your skin?

First, there were the clays and creams, and then, the sheet masks. Now, meet the face masks that bubble up when you apply them to skin after cleansing, supposedly delivering ingredients more deeply. They come in sheet or gel form. Originally from Korea, some have been available here for a while but now, they’re everywhere. Why do we love them? They’re fun. Neostrata National Training Manager Patricia Clare says they’re, “like mini champagne bubbles on the skin saying, ‘Cheers!’” And the ones we’ve tried really work, making skin look fresher and brighter in just 10 minutes.

Here are seven of our favourites... 

1. Belif Pore Cleaner Bubble Foam, $48

BelifBelifThis Korean gel-to-foam mask works by bubbling into your pores for a deep cleanse. Pores look tighter too, thanks to antioxidant, antibacterial moringa extract, and refreshing eucalyptus. Apply to dry skin, wait a minute or two for bubbles to appear, then rinse away.
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2. Glamglow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask, $12

GlamglowGlamglowThis sheet is made from bamboo and infused with charcoal for oil absorption, plus antioxidant green tea and amino acids for brightening. Apply it to damp skin, leave on for three minutes, and then use the mask as a washcloth for extra exfoliation.
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3. Maskeraide Pore Cleansing Charcoal Bubble Mask, $7

MaskeraideMaskeraideAimed at oily skin, this sheet mask deep cleans the pores, using charcoal to remove excess grease. Apply to your cleansed, dried face, leaving on for five to 10 minutes as the foam forms, then remove the mask and massage in the bubbles.
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4. Neostrata Bionic Oxygen Recovery Facial, $78

NEOSTRATANEOSTRATAThis one doesn’t just bubble up on application to damp skin–it also bubbles down. “In the beginning our Triple Oxygenating Blend will begin a unique sensory experience, as the formula begins to form oxyenating bubbles on the surface of the skin, which helps energize and revitalize skin,” says Patricia Clare. “Then the Bionic Oxygen Recovery Facial goes further and the bubbles dissipate, allowing the antioxidant-rich polyhydroxy acids to be delivered into the skin to provide the ultimate in smoothness and suppleness, all while leaving the skin radiant and refreshed.” Once the bubbles have disappeared, rinse your face and apply moisturizer. Unlike many masks, this can be used as often as you like, even after peels or laser, and feels refreshing, comforting and hydrating. Skin is left feeling clean, not tight, and looking brighter.
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5. Oh K Bubble Sheet Mask, $4.99

OH KOH KThere’s willow bark to help pores look smaller, and charcoal to absorb oil, in this made-in-Korea sheet mask. Before using, rub the mask sachet to ensure the serum is evenly distributed, then apply to cleansed, dry skin for 10 minutes. 
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6. Rodan and Fields Redefine Rejuvenation Mask, $60

Rodan + FieldsRodan + FieldsA hydrating gel mask meant for twice- or thrice-weekly use, it is applied to clean, dry skin, left for five minutes, massaged in and then rinsed away. “It activates on contact for a sensorial experience and to deliver our proprietary 3D3P molecular matrix, made up of hyaluronic acid and glycerin. This draws in moisture and locks it onto skin while anti-aging ingredients visibly diminish fine lines over time,” says Dr. Sumita Butani, the brand’s Senior Vice President of Innovation. “The formula also contains biodegradable jojoba beads to gently exfoliate dull skin, while smoothing skin and lifting away the appearance of dehydrated skin.”
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7. Sephora Collection Clean Bubble Mask, $7

SephoraSephoraClean by name, clean by nature. This sheet mask is designed to thoroughly cleanse skin with ingredients like antioxidant spirulina, and is free from ingredients like parabens, sulfates, petrolatum and mineral oil. It’s also vegan-friendly. Apply to clean, dry skin and remove after 15 minutes.
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