Interior designer Kelly Deck

With the excitement of the city's "green" vendors hitting a fever pitch—the big Ethical Progressive Intelligent Consumer (EPIC) show was this weekend—local interior designer Kelly Deck sounded an interesting note of dissent in her column in Friday's Vancouver Sun.

"Sustainability, blah blah blah... Okay, I've struggled with this topic. A colleague suggested to me that eco-friendly backyard tips would be a smart choice for a column, given that the EPIC Sustainable Living show is on this weekend at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. There's just one problem: those tips don't exist. They're like eco-friendly European holidays, eco-friendly cars, or eco-friendly Christmas gifts – when consumption of resources and expense of energy goes into them, they're of dubious friendliness to the ecology."

Deck's point – that we can't consume our way out of our environmental straits – is a philosophical one. The best result, she says, is not to label everything eco-friendly; it's to "plan well, build for longevity, and make informed decisions about what you buy and where it came from."


Question: Were you excited by what you saw at the EPIC show?


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