Credit: Kathryn Mussallem

Find bold colour juxtapositions and texturized designs in one-of-a-kind garments that incorporate recycled fabrics by Canadian designer Adhesif

Adhesif’s rockin’ collection is as original as Velcro and as vivid as Technicolor; it’s easy to get hooked on its quirky combinations and never-repeated patterns.

Working for years as vintage clothing buyer inspired self-taught designer Melissa Ferreira to craft a collection made from recycled clothing, and to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce waste and add personality to her designs.

“The designs of each new collection are definitely becoming more tailored and elegant,” she says. “But of course, the unique colour compositions combined with the natural textures and funky patterns always stay true to the Adhesif esthetic.”

Shrinking violets may spurn the clingy Strict Sweater Skirt, but they’re sure to embrace its rich tones and the supple texture of the recycled lamb’s wool, angora or mohair knits that are fashioned into the skirts.

We’re stuck on Adhesif’s Limited edition Victairy Coat, which is made of new wool and vintage wool tweed: it’s a pairing of posh tradition with an urban edge. This swingy coat has oversized vintage buttons, an asymmetrical collar and pleated panels, and it’s fully lined with hand-dyed refurbished vintage slips.

Men are also bonding with Adhesif’s Jammer Jacket, made from recycled stretch wool sewn in blocks and panels of neutral hues punctuated with ruby red or bold blue swaths.

Adhesif is available at Tutta Mia, Hum Clothing and Halfmoon in Vancouver.