Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
FREE | 20 Recipes for Simple Dining Book

Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.


WEAR: Soy for Your Skin?

Natural, soy-based sun-care products

Off With Our Shoes: Pedicures without hazards

Safe pedicure products that won't harm the environment or your health.

Oil Up: A guide to essential oils

From anxiety to crow’s feet, there’s an essential oil for nearly everything that ails you—and it’s not all about patchouli...

Get the skincare skinny

How do your favourite cosmetics rate with your health and the environment?

Rehydrate your hair

Use kitchen staples to rehydrate your hair.

Are ecosexuals hot?

An ecosexual, according to Miro Cernetig in Monday's Vancouver Sun, is a man in whom "that great GQ grooming" is...

Detox your locks

Can’t resist boosting the colour of your lackluster locks?

Put on a greener face

Can’t bear a day with a bare face? Now you can take advantage of MAC Cosmetics’ Back to MAC recycling...

Go naked

When possible, choose products without packaging. Lush’s fresh, hand-made soaps, shampoos, bath bombs and more come au natural so there’s nothing...

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