From chai to cocoa to Christmas blend, there's no shortage of liquid ways to warm up this season. Here are 7 of our favourite hot seasonal sips around town

They say you shouldn't drink your calories, but during the holiday season that rule is officially on hiatus, so you can savour the seasonal festivities and sip the chill away.

So pick your favourite festive flavour and warm your hands around one of these delicious holiday concoctions.

The Granville Island Tea Company's Chai

Granville Island Tea Company in the Public Market has some of the best seasonal sips in town. Its tasty tea list includes cold weather winners like Buttered Rum and Market Spice (a tea soaked in cardamom and orange peel) and even its own special Christmas Blend, but there’s nothing like its world-famous authentic chai to help you shake off those winter blues.

If you need a little extra caffeine kick and a Christmassy colour, then ask for a Matcha Chai, the same spicy drink with Japanese Matcha Green Tea as the base in lieu of black tea.

The Secret Garden Tea Company's Christmas Blend

Kerrisdale’s Secret Garden Tea Company ceased to be a secret a long time ago, but what you may not know is that it has its own delicious Christmas Blend, a black scented tea packed full of real cranberries and cinnamon to get you into the season.

The aroma of this seasonal blend is guaranteed to help combat the cold weather and make you feel merry.

Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha

Starbucks’ iconic red cups signal the official beginning of the holiday season, and ubiquity aside, there’s no denying the company's array of hot holiday drinks, with something for everyone, has legions of fans.

Gingerbread Lattes, Caramel Eggnog Lattes (new this year) and the best one of all – Peppermint Mochas – make the choice a difficult one. Good thing they appear at the beginning of November – you've got at least two months to try them all.

The Sylvia Hotel's Hot Toddy

Tucked away from the world in the heart of the West End in English Bay, the oft-forgotten Sylvia Hotel boasts some delicious hot drinks with an alcoholic kick, like its Bailey’s Hot Chocolate topped with a crispy hazelnut wafer.

But it’s the peppermint tea-based hot toddy, with a touch of lemon and rum, that will make you feel like toasting while sitting by the fireplace and enjoying one of the best views of the sunset in the city this winter.

JJ Bean's Eggnog Latte

JJ Bean is an impressive homegrown success story with locations all over Vancouver, from Yaletown to Railtown, and like most cafes its regular coffee menu changes with the season.

Once you’ve ordered your first eggnog latte, you (or your tastebuds at least) have officially gotten into the holiday spirit. JJ Bean’s eggnog lattes are guaranteed to lift your spirits and get you humming a holiday tune on your way to work.

Thierry's Spiked Hot Chocolate

Located on Alberni between Burrard and Thurlow, upscale chocolaterie and patisserie Thierry has a spiked hot drinks list that will definitely pique your interest this holiday season.

The Spiked Hot Chocolates, like the Heart Warmer which has cinnamon liqueur and brandy, or the Polar Bear which includes peppermint and Bailey’s, will fire you up with Christmas cheer.

True Confections' Nutty Professor

True Confections, known for its delectable desserts, has alcoholic hot drinks that are perfect for helping you warm up in winter while enjoying a slice of cake or pie.

One of its tastiest hot concoctions is the Nutty Professor, a specialty coffee made merry and memorable with the addition of Bailey’s, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, and topped with whipped cream.