Credit: Yam Brand

Though no one is running around wearing bright orange aprons, at first glance, GreenWorks Building Supply looks like a typical home-reno store full of flooring, paint and tiles. Every item in this store, though, has its own sustainability story.

Alastair Moore and SFU grad-school pal Pete McGee opened the one-stop eco-shop last February following the lead of flourishing green building supply stores south of the border. Contractors and do-it-yourselfers peruse the products in the simple space that’s already fulfilling the duo’s objective of being a “living lab.”

Products include FSC-certified “beetle kill” flooring from a Comox-based company and an innovative countertop material called Paper Stone, made of post-consumer FSC-certified paper laminated with formaldehyde-free resins. Do-it-yourselfers can even try their hand at trowelling a plaster-type product that’s made of natural clay and reclaimed and recycled aggregates.

GreenWorks Building Supply
386 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver