Credit: Lisa Eng-Lodge

With five species of salmon to choose from, it’s no surprise that the average seafood shopper doesn’t know coho from chum, or whether it’s better to buy one species instead of another. It was this seafood stumper that spurred the Living Oceans Society to develop Fish for Thought: An Eco-Cookbook.

Each chapter includes in-depth information and practical conservation tips. For example, you’ll read that during one salmon fishing season, coho runs were in trouble, sockeye runs were low, and though there was an abundance of chum salmon, the demand for this species had hit rock bottom. At the same time, consumers’ concern for salmon conservation meant that many people stopped eating salmon altogether.

Fish for Thought offers recipes from local fishers and celebrated chefs Karen Barnaby and Umberto Menghi. And its rating system on seafood stocks’ sustainability levels helps home chefs navigate the complex choices when they buy seafood. (Arsenal Pulp Press, $21.95)