Credit: BCSEA

If we don’t get our act together to tackle climate change, we can always count on our kids for a little friendly persuasion. That’s the thinking behind The Climate Change Game, a workshop making the rounds of grade five and six classrooms in B.C. schools.

The brainchild of the four principals at the B.C. Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA), the workshop has four components taking a total of 80 minutes of class time.

The workshop includes a humorous video educating students about the basic concepts behind climate change, and some play-acting where students imagine two futures: one where nothing has been done to address climate change, and one where solar power is abundant and cars are electric. The third component is a 15-minute board game prompting children to make correct decisions about daily behaviour such as energy use and recycling.
Finally, kids go home and keep a log of their behaviour for four weeks, notching points for each positive behaviour change. Winners get prizes such as a Norco bike or a solar energy kit.

In 2006, BCSEA delivered 151 workshops. The association plans to deliver the program to 500 classrooms in 2007-2008.

Mom and Dad beware: your children are watching!