Custom designed wine cellar
Credit: Wine Vault/Brandon C. Elliot

Custom designed wine cellar

The ideal wine cellar is climate controlled and void of natural light and vibration

Stunning yet practical, a customized wine cellar allows your collection to mature in an ideal climate-controlled environment

Like walk-in closets for fashionistas, wine cellars are a dream come true for wine-lovers and connoisseurs alike. There’s nothing like handpicking your favourite bottle of wine from your custom-designed wine cellar and savouring every last drop with your loved ones.

A personal wine cellar not only showcases your finest collection in an elegant and esthetic manner, but also preserves the wine’s flavour and fragrance ensuring its longevity and quality.

Silise and Jim Lebedovich opted for thick display shelves with a rich warm colour, paired with 24-inch by 24-inch light-grey concrete floor tiles in the 7.5 ft. by 8 ft. space for their 1953 bungalow. The ledges have inlaid lighting and the back walls provide capacity for storage. With a rich brown hue that darkens over time, the walnut lacquered panels add sophistication and warmth to the room. Lastly, the full glass entry system seals the chamber and stylishly exhibits the Lebedoviches’ beautiful wine collection.

(Image: Wine Vault/Brandon C. Elliot)

Notably, the Lebedoviches’ wine cellar is designed with a cube concept instead of prefabricated racking. The cooling units are also concealed, creating a polished appearance.

“Our favourite part of the wine cellar is the contemporary look mixed with the warmth of the wood,” says Silise Lebedovich.

Science and Esthetics of Wine Cellars

According to Rick Underwood of Vancouver Wine Vault Inc., who designed the Lebedoviches’ wine cellar, there are multiple factors to think about before designing a cellar space. In order to sustain the quality of the collection, each cellar has to maintain temperatures of 13 to 15°C and humidity levels of 60 to 70 per cent. The ideal wine storage environment is climate controlled and void of natural light and vibration.

(Image: Wine Vault/Brandon C. Elliot)

The overall look and feel of the cellar can be the most crucial component, says Underwood. The entire design process takes from three to 10 weeks, taking longer if the product is custom designed. The actual installation takes only a couple of days. Prices range on average between $10,000 and $20,000.

Don’t worry if this all seems to be a bit overwhelming, not everyone starts out as a wine connoisseur.

“Clients learn as they go, learning about wine, learning about the science,” says Underwood.

With this new gorgeous room, the Lebedoviches are planning to expand on their current collection of 100 bottles. “It is our first time with space to store and collect,” Silise notes. “We are looking forward to adding to it over time.”