best cafe in vancouver?
Credit: Adam Blasberg

best cafe in vancouver?

There are tons of coffee shops in Vancouver, but you always go back to your favourite. What is it about your local cafe that makes it so special?


Maybe you’re a morning regular. You make a quick stop during the morning commute and get the same thing everyday. The baristas know you’re coming and your drink is at the counter before you are.


Or you’re an afternoon person. You bring a book and you try something new every once in a while. The baristas know your name and how old your dog is.


Or you could be someone who "goes for coffee" in the evenings and on the weekends. When circumstances call for nothing more than a chat and chai, you know the perfect place.


But, what is it about your local café that makes it so special? It can’t just be the coffee. If that were the case we’d all be brewing our dark roast at home.

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Is it the baristas you see every day? Is it the jazz music, the comfy chairs and the dim lighting? Maybe you don’t know why you love it but it’s just around the corner, so you’re there all the time.


We’re looking for answers to a question most Vancouverites are passionate about:

What is Vancouver’s best coffee house, and what makes it so great?


Nominate your favourites and check back for the results.