How to grow plants in containers
Credit: Darlene White

How to grow plants in containers

Five great tips for ensuring success with your container garden this year

• Grow lilies out of sight in two- to five- gallon black plastic pots. When they begin to bloom, drop the pots into carefully placed containers. Remove when their glory is spent. Ditto for other plants that are only so-so when not in bloom.

• A pot within a pot is a great way to conserve moisture. The hibiscus that gasps for life in a black plastic pot will perk up if the same pot is dropped into a larger terra-cotta container.

• For a sunny spot, look for a pot with a water reservoir built right into it. The reservoir helps water to wick up through the soil.

• Mulches tucked around plants help conserve moisture. Dried mosses work well, as do living mulches such as creeping thyme.

• If you intend to water a series of pots on the same drip-irrigation system, be sure to ask about small pressure valves, which will allow all pots to receive equal water. Without these valves, the end pot might dry out.