Commercial Drive's Little Nest offers incredible food in a casual setting, catering to families, people watchers and foodies alike


I now have another reason to frequent Vancouver's Commercial Drive: Little Nest, a neighbourhood restaurant and café serving gourmet food in a casual, family-friendly environment.


Walk into Little Nest and you'll find families eating together, kids running around, and friends chatting. With its casual retro decor of old wooden tables, chairs scattered about, and wide array of toys and stacks of magazines, it's not fancy, but it's comfortable.


Little Nest

1716 Charles St (off Commercial Dr), Vancouver

Open Tuesday–Sunday, 9–4 p.m.

And what you’ll find in this casual restaurant is incredible food. Little Nest's menu is written on two floor-to-ceiling chalkboards and changes regularly based on what's in season. The restaurant strives to use as many fresh, organic and local ingredients as possible, and quality is king (meaning no frozen or pre-packaged crap).


Open for breakfast and lunch, here's an idea of what food to expect at Little Nest, based on my latest visit:


>    "Meaty eggs of the day"—perfectly cooked organic, free-range scrambled eggs with roasted cherry tomatoes, potatoes, naturally smoked ham hock, salsa verde and toasted baguette.


>    Brioche French toast with organic bananas and lemon crème fraîche.


>    House-toasted muesli with poached local pears and organic yogurt.


>    A baguette sandwich with red wine-braised local free-range chicken, house-made pear and cranberry compote, brie and arugula.


>    Maccheroni Calabrese pasta with spinach, arugula, roasted portobello mushrooms and goat cheese.


All food is cooked to order and includes adult and kid sizes. There's also a kid-specific menu, with items like "fruit fries" with yogurt and a nutella and banana sandwich. And while the restaurant does serve some items with nuts, the restaurant is a peanut-free zone.


Also, never go to Little Nest without having one of their amazing muffins. Mine this weekend was a pear, ricotta and almond muffin—moist and full of fresh chunks of local pear.


Little Nest is a vibrant neighbourhood restaurant that showcases local food in a casual, welcoming environment. Go for the food, and stay to enjoy the neighbourhood atmosphere.




Vancouver blogger Angie Schick spends all her spare time eating, shopping and spa-ing her way through the city. She writes primarily about independent restaurants that offer experiences unique to Vancouver. She expects a lot (just ask her friends!) and will always post honest thoughts and recommend places where she would actually go herself. Blog / Twitter