Having a wreath on your door is a sure sign of holiday hospitality

Here we provide tips on how to craft a beautiful grapevine wreath.

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Step 1size="3">

A standard grapevine form is the basis of this wreath. Add a variety of evergreens to give it some front-door panache. Work your way around the grapevine base using heavy string to attach the greenery.

Step 2size="3">
Apples nestled in clay pots provide an unusual focus. Attach the pots to the wreath with heavy string.

Step 3size="3">
Push a florist’s pick into each apple. Thread the pick through the hole in the bottom of the pot and into the wreath. In this example, the pots are upright, so attaching them, and keeping the apples secure, is easy.

Step 4size="3">
With one apple in place, complete the wreath, placing another pot and apple on the opposite side of the decoration.