Credit: iStock

I think we can all agree that the best thing about being alive these days is the convenience. Okay, no, we haven't yet got the jet-packs and robots the Saturday morning cartoons promised us and, yes, we have an impending ecological wipeout that wasn't a thought for previous generations. But let's take little victories where we can get them: industry has now devised a way to compress pancakes into a metal vessel.

The Organic Batter Blaster, old-fashionedly billed as "easy and fun for the whole family," is an aerosol can filled with pancake batter. But don't take our word for it – take a look at charming demonstration video on OBB's website.

As "Sara. P" writes in a high-spirited testimonial, her kids "have sprayed up a big ol' platter of pancakes this morning and pronounced them goo-ood." She plans to go back to the shop and "buy every damn can they have." We can't say we blame her. If the OBB people can get either Kraft Dinner or Kellogg's Vector in a can, we may never have to leave the house again. Except to buy more.