Whether you’re snuggled under the covers with that dog-eared novel, or – er – getting busy in the bed, shouldn’t you rest assured that your linens haven’t been produced and processed with chemicals and pesticides?

At Dream Designs, some of the sheets and pillowcases are made from certified-organic cotton that’s manufactured (in Canada, no less) according to stringent Oeko-Tex standards. “We’re not just selling a product; we’re educating our customers,” says Linda Tang, who took over ownership of the longtime local company in 2004.

Other sheets and duvet covers at Dream Designs are woven from long-lasting hemp and ramie, while feather-free duvets get their loft from spun bamboo fibres.

Choosing organic doesn’t mean settling on boring beiges. Dream Designs’ organic cotton linens come in lively hues such as paprika, chocolate, marigold, cypress and violet. Low-impact dyes are used, and each batch is tested to ensure there aren’t any chemicals or toxins.