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It's increasingly becoming the case that you're reminded of social movements not by a friend or a newspaper, but by the Google logo on your homepage. Today, Earth Day, they've got a mossy prehistoric vista of trees, rocks, a waterfall, and a turtle. (Not, to my eye, one of their cleverer ones.)

Here's a sampling of the sounds being made about Earth Day in the media and the blogosphere:

—Apparently, Canadians are the world's third most prolific polluters (National Post)

—Ten things you can do on for Earth Day (Vancouver Sun)

—Ten "eco-protest" songs to get your blood pumping (Vancouver Sun)

—Five painless tips for "greening" your house (The Daily Green)

—Consumers are slow to recycle their gadgets (Vancouver Sun)

—The National Post looks at Earth Day around the globe

—Why Germans rule at recycling (Globe and Mail).

—Pioneering green Victoria condominia (Globe)

—Nineteen seventy: the first Earth Day (Globe)

—Poetry for the ruined earth (Scientist, Interrupted)

The buzz in the blogosphere (ScienceBlogs)

—Inside the mind of climate-change deniers (National Post)

—Some clever Flash animation from David Suzuki (David Suzuki Foundation)

—Treehugger asks: What are you doing for Earth Day?

Five smart-ass tips to help the planet on Earth Day (Grist)

Nine billion people, one planet (New York Times: Dot Earth)

Disappearing Icelandic lakes, dying coastal species (The Guardian)

Real talk, real scientists (Real Climate)


What did you do for Earth Day?