The secret to growing radishes is to plant just a few feet frequently in soil that has not been "fussed" over. Children will delight in the sight of the little leaves if they can see them coming up in a straight row - if the leaves are in the row, it's a radish; if they're growing to the left or right, it is a weed! So use a stick to draw the straight line in the soil and carefully set the little seeds in the tiny ditch. Cover them lightly and watch carefully. Too rich a soil will result in lots of tops and disappointing bottoms, so use a part of the garden that has not had fertilizer or manure added this season. Regular watering and thinning if the seeds ended up in clumps will help you to grow plump mild radishes. As soon as the radishes are "eating size," it is probably best to pull the whole row up. There are many soil and flying pests that want to share them, so get them into lunch boxes or the fridge and start a new row right away. The longer radishes wait in the ground, the hotter they taste and the more they have to be shared with critters. Everyone loves the colours in the Easter Egg Blend - white, purple and red on the outside and white inside. Try them dipped in butter!