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Salvaging silk and honouring culture

Salvaging silk kimonos and transforming them into decorative pillows just seemed natural to Josée Day, who has always been fascinated...

Traffic stopper

Alan Hoffman is used to stopping traffic. The site of his sleek velomobile often has people abandoning their cars in...

What's Happening
Save the glacier

Who would have known that Metro Vancouver has its own glacier? Nestled in the rugged terrain high in the Coquitlam...

Homes go homeless

This story was updated on February 27, 2009 The solution to homelessness should be simple: homes. Why can’t we just mass-produce...

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ART DARTS: Klezmer in Vancouver

Wander around East Vancouver venues like Café deux Soleil or the Ukrainian Cultural Centre and, if your timing is right...

Mojave band's Paul Jarvis in pursuit of the greenest CD

Every report from the last few years has revealed a decline in physical CD sales and a rise in digital...

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BC Landscape Awards of Excellence 2008

The Landscape Awards of Excellence recognize the year’s best in creating exceptional gardens. This prestigious annual competition honours the work...

ART DARTS: Vancouver murals

No matter where you live, there’s a tradition of local public wall art. From prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux and the...

GREEN: Buzzwords for every eco-savvy Vancouverite

The votes are in, and “green” is out! The word, that is… “People and companies employing the word ‘green’ in environmental contexts are guilty of ‘misuse, overuse, general uselessness,’ according to Lake Superior State University in Michigan, which last week unveiled...

REALITY: The hip new way to throw down some eco-lingo

About a decade ago, the dot com boom swept through the world and even grandmothers were leveraging their core competencies...

Knowledge equals change

The relationship between humans and their environment is proving to be the defining challenge of the 21st century. Settle in...

Weaving a mystery: scrap wood as woven art

For most people travelling in the South Pacific, “paradise” is what you find at the beach, away from the locals.

Slow Down

Researchers recently discovered that busy city life can actually make us dumber while getting out in nature makes us smarter.

What's Happening
Vancouver art-engineer collective eatART goes non-profit

Last Saturday night, the eatART (Energy Awareness Through Art) collective and supporters celebrated their newly acquired charity status with a...

ART DARTS: Holiday Music

The holidays are almost here, and Vancouver’s music community is busy spreading cheer. On December 6, Polaris Prize-nominated locals Black Mountain...

ART DARTS: An intro

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