Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
FREE | 20 Recipes for Simple Dining Book

Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.


Up With Hope

Lessons on community and the human spirit through pictures.

UVic Farm

A community supported agriculture system at UVic would promote food security, sustainability, community involvement and a host of other positive...

A Family Affair: the 'Bill' of Rights

Reduce energy consumption of involving the whole family. Offer kid-friendly bills and learning tools as well as conservation awards.

The Dream: Pedestrian and bike only bridges around the world

Some examples of how other cities have used people-and-bikes-only bridges.

Salvaging silk and honouring culture

Vancouver Island artisan Josée Day recreates the traditional kimono in miniature form.

Traffic stopper

Alan Hoffman's covered, pedal-driven velomobile is the perfect green rainy-day commuter.

What's Happening
Save the glacier

Vancouver's last remaining ice pack is disappearing.

Homes go homeless

The solution to homelessness should be simple: homes.

What's Happening
ART DARTS: Klezmer in Vancouver

Who knew Vancouver had a cabaret-bohemian-gypsy music scene?

Mojave band's Paul Jarvis in pursuit of the greenest CD

Local band Mojave is doing its damnedest to sell their music—sustainably.

What's Happening
BC Landscape Awards of Excellence 2008

The Landscape Awards of Excellence recognize the year’s best in creating exceptional gardens.

ART DARTS: Vancouver murals

Meet the artists behind the public murals seen around town.

GREEN: Buzzwords for every eco-savvy Vancouverite

The votes are in, and “green” is out! The word, that is… “People and companies employing the word ‘green’ in environmental...

REALITY: The hip new way to throw down some eco-lingo

Blogger Davin Luke offers examples for using "green speak" in everyday conversation.

Knowledge equals change

Settle in with some books that shed light on the sustainability emergency and offer solutions.

Weaving a mystery: scrap wood as woven art

Local artisan uses forestry project leftovers to create woven works of art.

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