Vancouver Artist Banquet and Local Art Shop Collage Collage Launch DIY Art Kits

Vancouver rains mean more time indoors, but these locally made art kits to keep kids entertained.

Credit: Banquet and Collage Collage

Vancouver rains mean more time indoors, and Collage Collage has just the art kit to keep kids entertained


Although we have been delighted with a splendidly sunny fall, we all know the inevitable rainy winter days of Vancouver will soon descend in all their darkness and gloom, meaning more inside time. Instead of resorting to the standard indoor entertainment of TV and Wii, gather the family round for some quality time inspired by art!


Collage Collage

621 Kingsway, Vancouver


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Collage Collage and Banquet Atelier have collaborated to create some very unique and fun art projects for kids and adults to do together, packaging them up into user-friendly kits that range from $10 to $40. Inspired by Banquet’s popular Northern Friends and Pacific Sea Animal art prints, the kits include a draft dodging Snake Kit, an Animal Mobile Kit and a Shadow Puppet Kit, and can be enjoyed by any age (well, 3 and up)!


art kits for kids vancouver

“For families, it is about sharing the experience of making something together that ends with an actual item to enjoy in your home,” says Erin Boniferro, owner of Collage Collage and a long-time children’s art teacher.


There are many ways to enjoy these kits, whether it’s on your own, with friends and family, or as a gift.


Collage Collage also offers the opportunity to come into the store to make them, solo or as a group. The studio space is available to book for birthday parties, where each child makes their own item, or other parties including baby showers, where guests will collaborate on a mobile for the parents to be!