9 Local Celebrities Share their BC Bucket Lists

There's no denying BC is beautiful, but it's also very big, and even our local celebs haven't seen it all. Here what's on their BC bucket lists

Dawn Chubai, Breakfast Television

“Though I have lived here for nine years, I have yet to take on the Grouse Grind. But I think it’s a tie between that and having pie at the Chilliwack Airport. Word is, it’s legendary.”

Keri Adams, CTV News Anchor

“When I was a kid, one of the most memorable things we did on family vacation was go clam digging on Vancouver Island. We were from Alberta, so we’d never done such a thing before.All we had were kids’ sand pails and plastic beach shovels, but we managed to dig up enough for a meal.We hauled our clams back to our campsite, my mom steamed them and then pan-fried them. You need a fishing license, and to be aware of the Red Tide warnings, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do again with MY kids. What a uniquely West Coast experience!”

Kid Carson, SONiC Radio Host

“I love the cosmos . . . so I’d dig a night dive off the coast. Apparently it feels like you’re flying through space! Maybe search for underwater aliens!”

Claire Newell, Global BC

“The idyllic natural beauty along with art, adventure, culture and cuisine — Tofino is on my BC bucket list. I read the accolades the destination itself and some of the resorts in the area get on travel award lists year after year. I’m so keen to take my active family there so we can walk along the beach, go for picnics, fish, surf, bike, paddleboard and so much more . . . it’s a dream playground for young and old!”

Coleen Christie, CTV News At Five

“I grew up on the coast and the ocean is in my blood.One of these summers I’m going to doan Edible Canada beach camping gourmet kayaking weekend.It covers a lot of my passions and a new experience for me — camping. Tofino also holds a special place in my heart — the beach, the wildlife, the tranquility. I can’t wait to go back, rain or shine.And anytime I can spend in my hometown of Victoria is precious.I still have friends and family there and every inch of that beautiful cityis packed with memories. I feel so lucky to live here.”

Tamara Taggart, CTV News Anchor

“Our kids are so curious right now, every day and every destination is met with pure enthusiasm. We would love to spend more time in the Okanagan, especially Osoyoos. I have such great memories from when I was a child – so many summers were spent there, playing in the lake, wondering about the Ogopogo. Good times in the sun, eating fresh fruit without a care in the world. That’s what summer is all about.”

Chris Gailus, Global BC

There are so many destinations on my bucket list, I know I will never visit them all before I kick the bucket.Ha! My most vivid childhood memories as a kid growing up in Calgary were the trips we took to the BC coast and the incredible natural beauty and varied sea life we encountered along the way.It sparked an early desire to live on the West Coast, a dream that came true in 2006!My wife Jane and I have heard so many good things about Savary Island and its wonderful beaches, so it’s definitely on our must-do list.It’s not easy to get to, but from what we hear, the rewards are worth it!Playing with our son William on the beach is going to be a great way to spend a week’s vacation!Now all we have to do is get the time off . . . sigh.”

Mike Killeen, CTV News at Six

“I took up cycling last year and in June participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Part of the journey to Seattle took us along old railway beds. Several Team CTV riders suggested I try the Kettle Valley Rail Trail in the Thompson-Okanagan. Riding through that spectacular area and across those trestle bridges in and around Myra and Bellevue canyons sounds like a blast! Hopefully, we’ll find a winery or pub along the way! On the list.

Lynn Colliar, Global BC

“I have always wanted to cycle the Kettle Valley Railway – up in the Okanagan, along the railway trestles — and now that Teagan is almost riding her strider bike, we are closer to being able to do that as a family! (And maybe squeeze in some winery tours while we’re there!) Having a toddler is forcing us to be tourists in our own town — we are rediscovering the aquabuses in False Creek, the Confederation Park train in Burnaby, the Vancouver Aquarium and the kids’ water park in Stanley Park.”

Celebrity BC Bucket Lists