Vancouver Celebs’ Favourite Halloween Costumes

Local celebrities share some of their wickedly awesome Halloween getups

Vancouver Celebrities reminisce about their favourite Halloween costumes from years past

From caped crusaders to cutesy critters, check out how some of Vancouver’s famous faces have gotten tricked out for Halloween. And though most of the pics are from yesteryear, they just might inspire you to scare up your own ghoulish getup for this year’s fright night fun.

Lynn Colliar, Global BC anchor

“My aunt was a nurse and I remember thinking how cool it was that I could dress up like one. Although, I insisted I would only treat animals!”

Sophie Lui, Global BC anchor

“I’m guessing this was 1993 or 1994. I’m not very crafty, so my best friend Trudi made me a costume and we went as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. She came up with the whole thing, from head to toe to ears (note the Fimo ears). I think we stuck them on with Krazy Glue, which was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Also, they kept drooping down and I think they looked more Yoda than Peter Pan. The costume did last me a few more years though. I kept it in storage and pulled it out for a few Halloweens after that (minus the ears).”

Tamara Taggart, CTV anchor

“This is one of my favourite Halloween photos. Before we had kids, Stanley and I used to dress up for Halloween. This is us as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf (dressed up as Gramma). He is such a good sport. Here we are in the CTV newsroom before we went on location. He wore his costume for two hours — those granny glasses never left his nose.”

Mike Killeen, CTV anchor

“I like this photo because… for the Killeen’s, it was clearly more about the candy than the costume. A lazy effort by the young hockey player. It also reveals how far we’ve come in helmet design and safety. Also, my Mom pinned a UNICEF box to my jersey.”

Steve Darling, Global BC anchor

“I have always loved Halloween. Just the thought of getting dressed up in something very different is a ton of fun. My kids Hunter and Hayley are really getting into it as well. I have been a big fan of superheroes since I was a kid. My two favourites are Batman and Superman.”

Kid Carson, SONiC morning host

“A childhood pic of me working that big radio mouth!”

Nira Arora, The Beat 94.5 radio host

“So why is this my favourite? Well, I love anything scary! I’ve always been a huge fan of scary movies: suspense, thriller, horror — but not the gory ones! Vampires and dark angels have always been my favourite costumes — I find them so mysterious and you can be super-dramatic with your look. It’s all about having some fun. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year!”

Kristi Gordon, Global BC meteorologist

“This was [son] Jordan’s first time getting dressed up for Halloween. I think he liked it, but he didn’t really understand what was going on. He kept watching himself in the mirror, moving very carefully. It was super cute and a good laugh for Mom and Dad!”

Keri Adams, CTV anchor

“It’s me and my big sister, Stephanie from Halloween 1976 (I’m the smaller one). Back in ’76, no one bought their Halloween costumes — you made them! The reason why I love these angel costumes is because of the time, effort and creativity it took my Mom to put them together. And who doesn’t love another use for old bedsheets, leftover holiday tinsel, and tin foil? Happy Halloween!”