Stars of The Walking Dead Look Ahead to a Looming Finale

A Walking Dead favourite reveals the on-set mementos she wishes to keep, and what's in store for the season ahead

A Walking Dead favourite reveals the on-set mementos she wishes to keep, and what’s in store for the season ahead

When a long-running series caps off, actors often like to swipe a few mementos from the set. Lauren Cohan is no different. With the finish line of The Walking Dead plainly in sight, the actress who plays Maggie Rhee, president of the Commonwealth, on the record-breaking undead-apocalypse drama, has her eyes on a few items to grab before the lights go out for good at the show’s Georgia set.

“Certain parts of the wardrobe that I’d actually like to keep and embellish and kind of, like, just sort of personalize and Maggie-ize,” the British actress muses. “And then, I don’t know, part of me wants a piece of the wall, because it’s Alexandria and we spent so much time there… My belt and my knife, I think, have been with me a long time, so we’ll see.”

“You know my other memento?” she continues. “I want all the people. But I have them, I have their phone numbers.”

The super-sized season 11 resumes this Sunday, with the second of three eight-episode chunks. (Chunk one aired from August 22nd to October 10th, before going on hiatus.) The midseason premiere finds many of our heroes under attack from the villainous Reapers, while others struggle to endure nature’s torrential wrath in Alexandria. Life isn’t great in the Commonwealth either, as some will be pushed past the point of no return… but others will have reason for hope. In the end, lives will hang in the balance, as every decision proves critical to survival and the future of the community.

But as for Maggie, who entered a grudging alliance with reformed bad guy Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) at the close of the first third of season 11, she appears to have put her hatred for the man who killed her husband on the backburner. That particular turn of events prompted some fans to wonder if a romance between the two characters was in the offing, but showrunner Angela Kang shot such notions down.

Off-camera, Cohan and Morgan are just good friends, who at one point actually played the Dark Knight’s parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne, in 2016 blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—a far cry from the blood enemies they then had to become when Morgan landed on TWD that same year.

“When Jeff and I played Martha and [Thomas],” Cohan recalls, “we shot only for, like, a couple of days. But it was hard Chicago winter nights, and we had a long time to hang out and chat and everything. I just liked him so much as a person. And then when we started with the show, I’ve never had to summon such vitriol and hatred towards someone.”

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 6 p.m., 8:04 p.m., 11:12 p.m. & 12:16 a.m. on AMC