What to Watch This Week: April 9 to 14

From a star-studded musical tribute to The Beach Boys to Jeremy Renner's new home-reno series 'Rennervations,' we round up our top 10 shows to watch this week

From a star-studded musical tribute to The Beach Boys to Jeremy Renner’s new home-reno series ‘Rennervations,’ we round up our top 10 shows to watch this week

1. A Grammy Salute to The Beach Boys – Sunday, April 9, CBS

The Beach Boys are one of the most influential acts in the history of pop music, forming in 1961 and going on to not just enjoy an immensely successful career, but chart the course for the rock genre itself. Now, that sound is being celebrated in all its glory during this two-hour special. The show, which was recorded in early February at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, features performances by Brandi Carlile, Norah Jones, John Legend, Fall Out Boy, Weezer and more. These artists come together to honour the Beach Boys’ contributions to the music scene over the years in conjunction with the recent Grammys. Elton John and Bruce Springsteen also stopped by for the big night, while famous faces like Tom Hanks, Drew Carey and honorary Beach Boy John Stamos were also in attendance.

2. Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman – Tuesday, April 11, Netflix

When a comedian is described by fans as “the Mrs. Maisel of Appalachia,” you know you’re gonna to hear a distinct twang in their delivery. But don’t get too distracted by her accent: As the title of Leanne Morgan’s new special declares, she’s “every woman,” not just those of the Southern variety. After releasing her earlier standup sets on YouTube, Morgan makes her Netflix debut with I’m Every Woman, during which she touches on growing up in Tennessee, raising three kids and being married for 20-plus years. As she furthermore teased in a statement previewing the absurdity to come: “Maybe those horrible decisions I made in the ’80s smoking behind a dumpster are actually going to pay off!”

If you’ve seen Morgan on The View, you’ll know what to expect here. If you haven’t… ? Brace yourself.

3. Yonder – Tuesday, April 11, Paramount+ | Season Premiere

This South Korean sci-fi drama, set in 2032, focuses on a grieving man who receives a message from his deceased wife, inviting him to a mysterious space. There, he discovers a high-tech form of immortality, offering the dead the ability to live on by uploading memories from their brains.

4. Signal – Tuesday, April 11, Paramount+ | Season Premiere

Solving crimes is a lot easier with all our newfangled technology. Or is it? This K-drama features a criminal profiler from 2015 who teams up with a detective from 1989 via a science-fictional walkie-talkie. Through it, they right wrongs and close cases, teaching each other a thing or two about life and police work along the way. 

5. Single Drunk Female – Wednesday, April 12, ABC Spark | Season Premiere

Sobriety is a long road for someone with a history of succumbing to their vices, so make no mistake: The fact that Sam is now a year-and-a-half booze-free is a major milestone. Better yet, as season two begins, she’s got a new job as well as a potential new love interest. It all has her convinced—and not unreasonably so—that she’s now got a life worth celebrating.

As such, she decides to throw herself a birthday party. As the synopsis for the new season reveals, however, sometimes life has other plans, and “Sam must figure out how to effect change where she can, sit in her discomfort when she can’t and maybe even enjoy the ride.”

It was revealed last year that this season would be delivering an amazing ’80s reunion by having Ally Sheedy—who plays Sam’s mom, Carol—reteam with Molly Ringwald, who’ll be guest-starring as Carol’s sister-in-law, Alice. You can also look forward to new recurring cast members Busy Philipps and Ricky Velez, while Charlie Hall returns as Sam’s ex, Joel.

6. Rennervations – Wednesday, April 12, Disney+ | Series Premiere

If you’ve been following celebrity news, you know that Jeremy Renner has had a rough start to the year. Leading up to his snow plow accident in January, however, he had a bunch of projects on the go. Fans can catch him in some of them as he recovers, including this week’s debut of his anticipated reality offering. In Rennervations, Renner and his team of expert builders use their skills to reimagine decommissioned vehicles. They rebuild these decrepit machines each week into mind-blowing creations that will help communities worldwide. Think a tour bus turned mobile music studio or a delivery truck that’s transformed into a portable water treatment facility. It’s a deeply personal project for the Marvel star and construction vet. “I started in my community by building vehicles for people in need. But a few years ago, I thought, how can I plus this up and create a bigger impact on a whole community—and that’s what this show does.” Renner said in a release. “This is one of my biggest passions, and it’s a driving force in my recovery, and I can’t wait for the world to see it.”

7. Obsession – Thursday, April 13, Netflix

This limited series is a seductive erotic thriller, centring around a dangerous love triangle that emerges when the enigmatic Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy) embarks on a passionate affair with her fiancé’s father, William (Richard Armitage). While Anna fights to sustain both relationships, William is drawn into an obsessive spiral. As the lovers try to keep their forbidden affair a secret from her fiancé (Rish Shah) and his mom (Indira Varma), the damage will be immense when the truth inevitably comes out.

8. Florida Man – Thursday, April 13, Netflix | Series Premiere

As viewers, we’re all used to being baited by the irresistible phrase “Based on a true story.” But how does “Based on a super-funny meme” strike you?

For those unaware, “Florida Man,” per Wikipedia, refers to memes that poke fun at “an alleged prevalence of male persons performing irrational, maniacal or absurd actions in the U.S. state of Florida.”

Here, this sensation takes the form of a totally fictional series that revolves around a man named Mike Valentine (Édgar Ramírez), a recovering gambler who returns to the Sunshine State after a mob boss sends him to locate his missing girlfriend. Alas, Mike is soon hurled down a rabbit hole that puts all those real “Florida Men” to shame.

Per creator (and native Floridian) Donald Todd in an interview with Netflix itself: “I never stopped thinking about why Florida is Florida. [People] laugh at the mug shots and the headlines, but what’s the story behind the meme? The brightest sun casts the darkest shadows, so people can hide in shadows.”

9. The Last Thing He Told Me – Friday, April 14, Apple TV+ | Series Premiere

In 2021, Laura Dave’s mystery thriller became an instant No. 1 New York Times bestseller, spending 65 weeks on the publication’s vaunted charts. It also caught the attention of Hello Sunshine, a.k.a. Reese Witherspoon’s former production company (which she sold in summer 2021 for more than $900 million).

Now, the story of a woman desperate to find her missing husband has become a seven-episode series starring Jennifer Garner and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones). In the first two episodes, which serve as this week’s two-part premiere, we meet Hannah (Garner), whose world turns upside down when her spouse Owen suddenly disappears. His final words? “Protect her.”

The “her” in question is Hannah’s 16-year-old stepdaughter, Bailey (Angourie Rice). The mismatched duo must work together to track down the missing man in their lives, during which time they’ll uncover disturbing truths about who he really is, as indictments come down for Owen’s co-workers. Much as it’s a potboiler mystery, The Last Thing He Told Me is also a story about motherhood and a woman who learns to become the hero of her own story. “I’m drawn to women who learn their own strength in spite of themselves,” Garner said at the TCA press tour. “What’s fascinating about the disappearance is that there’s so many misdirects even for Hannah that it unfolds slowly in a way because she doesn’t know if he’s gone with the other top brass from his company. She doesn’t know why he’s disappeared, where he’s disappeared to, if it’s temporary. So her panic is all of a sudden—it lasts over time and builds over time.”

This project also finds Garner reuniting with her former TV dad: Alias co-star Victor Garber.

10. Seven Kings Must Die – Friday, April 14, Netflix

The Last Kingdom has laid down its sword after five seasons, but Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon), the Saxon raised by Danes, has one last battle yet to fight. This farewell film finds our hero trying to preserve the dream of a united England after King Edward’s death—as ambitious heirs and invaders strive for power.