5 Things Kid Carson Has Been Doing this Summer

Vancouver's leading morning man pulls back the curtain to share about his summer vacation, plus plans for his return to morning radio

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Kid Carson will return to radio this fall, but how has he spent his summer?

Where’s Kid Carson been hiding during the hot season? The popular DJ shares what he’s been up to while off-air and teases about his return to radio this fall

When Kid Carson mysteriously vanished from the airwaves in late April, fans had a right to be confused; Vancouver’s top morning host had disappeared into thin air, with nary an explanation from Carson or his former employer, The Beat 94.5.

In fact, the city’s number one music station did its best to erase Carson from the station’s history, refusing to comment on his absence and immediately replacing him with a revamped morning show lineup.

Since then, Carson has kept a low profile; the only hint of his whereabouts a cryptic Twitter avatar of cartoon alien and the caption, “We’ll return Kid Carson . . . eventually.”

Finally, Carson has revealed he’ll return to morning radio this September with an all-new station and team. We caught up with Kid to find out just what he’s been doing with his time off, and to get a few more hints about his return to radio this fall.

5 Things Kid Carson Did this Summer

  1. “I spent a month in Eastern Europe. Prague, Budapest, Bosnia and Croatia. It was amazing to see a way of life where people are confident enough to love each other, rather then just ‘out do’ each other. I’m pretty sure we saw Jay-Z waving from Beyonce’s yacht near the Island of Hvar in Croatia. Most beautiful place I’ve been to.”
  2. “I started running the seawall. For me, the perk of running by the ocean makes Vancouver impossible to leave.”
  3. “I took an allergy test and discovered I’m allergic to beer! Are you kidding me???”
  4. “I quit my job! I finally grasped the idea that our happiness is our own responsibility, no one else’s. Sometimes you have to give up a steady gig to find a place where you can shine!”
  5. “I met my new radio family. As I ramp up for a new show in September, I’ll be working with a new team. You become very close with people that you ‘talk’ to for six hours a day. Hiring that team was an interesting process. I mean, it’s like choosing family right? I hope I chose well . . . or the joke’s on me!”

Kid Carson Reveals All in TVW

To learn exactly where Kid Carson plans to set up shop this fall, and for all the details about his exit from The Beat, check out the latest issue of TVW Magazine, on sale Friday, August 24.