Cineplex Entertainment’s SCENE Rewards Program

Get big discounts for summer's hugest blockbusters (plus popcorn!) with the SCENE Rewards Program

Save big time on movies, popcorn and more with the SCENE Rewards card

Cheap Tuesdays just got cheaper with Cineplex’s SCENE card deal

Movie lovers who line up every Tuesday for discount tickets now have one more reason to return weekly to their local Cineplex. Members of Cineplex Entertainment’s SCENE rewards program are now entitled to an even sweeter deal: an extra 10 per cent off discounted Tuesday admissions. 

This past Tuesday, we headed to Vancouver’s Scotiabank Theatre and caught Snow White and the Huntsman in the new UltraAVX theatre. (UltraAVX, we discovered, means reserved seating, comfy rocker seats, a huge wall-to-wall screen and really, really big surround sound.) Instead of the regular $15.99, our tickets were only $10.99 with the Cineplex Tuesday price and new SCENE discount applied.

Sign Up for Free

For years, Cineplex employees have been cheerfully asking whether I have a SCENE card every time I bought a ticket or popcorn. I always said no, not even knowing what a SCENE card was. Turns out, it was worth finding out.

Basically, it lets you earn 100 rewards points every time you buy a movie ticket. Before the movie, I signed up for a free SCENE card online and immediately earned 250 points. My temporary card then saved me 10 per cent on my popcorn binge. If I’d opted for the Concession Combo, I would’ve earned points on that too.

Get SCENE Rewards Fast

Once you reach 1,000 points, you can redeem them for one free movie admission. Other rewards include free concession snacks, restaurant gift cards, DVD and Blu-ray movies, music downloads and more. Here’s a quick sampling of what you can do with your points:

  • 1,000+ points: Get DVD and Blu-ray movies from the online Cineplex store.
  • 2,500 points: Two adult admissions, regular popcorn and two regular drinks.
  • 3,125+ points: $25 Cara restaurant group gift card (for use at Milestones, Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, Kelsey’s and Harvey’s).

If you spend a lot of time at the movies, signing up for a SCENE card is a no-brainer. To earn your first 100 points, I highly recommend heading to the spectacular Snow White and the Huntsman. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen screaming in UltraAVX sound.