Hey Bombshell Ready to Explode

Canadian band Hey Bombshell are primed for stardom with their new hit single "The Single Life"

With their new single “The Single Life” getting big-time radio play, Hey Bombshell’s star is on the rise

Hey Bombshell strike while the boy band scene is hot

If current music trends are any indication, this is a pretty good time to be in a boy band. With groups like Britain’s One Direction and The Wanted creating a frenzied fan base while dominating international pop charts, Canada has its own entry in the form of Hey Bombshell.

Hailing from Calgary, the talented foursome is somewhat unique in the genre, given that in addition to possessing the requisite marketable look, style and sound, the Bombshell boys also play instruments. And with a catchy pop hit, The Single Life garnering airplay and lighting up radio stations request lines across the country, the sky’s the limit for these lads.

The song was recently retired as a five-night champion and earned its place on the ‘Spin-Off Wall of Fame’, so Sonic-FM can attest to the song’s popularity on the local radio front.

“Spunky pop rock with an edge – nailed it”, says Sonic’s evening host and music director, DJ NoLuv. “Our audience has been killing the phones for these guys and I’m looking forward to see this fresh new band blow up the charts . . . soon!”

Finding a Label

Under the tutelage of XOXO Entertainment president Adam Hurstfield, Hey Bombshell has taken shape, having recently shot a video for their debut single, which is available on iTunes as of this week. For a veteran singer/songwriter and music and film producer such as Hurstfield, this was a project he couldn’t resist.

 (Adam Hurstfield)

“I get over a hundred demos a week and it’s very hard to listen to them all in between my crazy schedule,” says Hurstfield. “I usually get Jackie Sonegra (A&R) to pre-screen everything. One day she walked into my office and said I needed to check out this band. For the first time since Elise Estrada, I got excited about a project.”


As luck would have it, the band found themselves in touring in Vancouver about a week after their demo found its way into Hurstfield’s hands

“As they say, success happens when timing meets preparation, talent, and luck. Hey Bombshell seems to have it all,” adds Hurstfield. “I took my team along with the Music Director from Sonic to see them live and we all loved them. The following day we had the band in our offices discussing their future.”

Unlimited Possibilities

Almost immediately the band relocated to the West Coast.

“A few months later a deal was signed and I locked myself in the studio with the band and my team to make this project XOXO’s top priority.” No stranger to the music world himself and having generated international success as a pop recording artist under the name Adam H, Hurstfield sees unlimited potential for the newest artists in his stable of talent.

The Single Life is rapidly becoming a massive hit at radio and we’re actively working in the studio on an album full of potential hits,” he says. “Hey Bombshell is truly the quintessential music business Cinderella story.”