American Idol: Steven Tyler Mocks Jennifer Lopez’s Oscars Nip Slip

In case you missed J-Lo's alleged wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars, Steven Tyler performed a dramatic reenactment on the latest episode of American Idol

Clearly a little embarrassed, J-Lo still took Tyler’s teasing in good stride

Steven Tyler teases Jennifer Lopez about her Oscars wardrobe malfunction

Steven Tyler must be firmly in the “yes, it happened” camp when it comes to the alleged Jennifer Lopez nip slip at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony.

At least that’s how it seems from his comments – or should we say actions – on the first live American Idol show of Season 11. At one point in the broadcast, the judges were playfully joking around with each other when Tyler dramatically sneezed and pulled his shirt aside to expose his chest. “Who am I?” he asked.

“I don’t even know what to say to that,” Lopez exclaimed. She took the joke well (or had to, considering she was live on TV).

Helpfully, Ryan Seacrest pointed out “That was an Oscar re-enactment,” before cutting to a package. Lopez, still defending her honor, got in the last word: “There was no nipple!” she blurted out, smiling.