Duets: John Legend and Bridget Carrington Smokin’ on ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had)’

Last night's Duets premiere included stellar performances, including this sexy number

John Legend and his hand-picked duet partner Bridget Carrington

Duets premiere features some fantastic singing duos

For the Duets premiere, crooner John Legend took to the stage twice. His first duet, with partner Johnny Gray, was not our favorite. They didn’t seem to have much connection and Legend never came out from behind the piano.

However, his second duet, with partner Bridget Carrington, was hot. They sang “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” and the connection/chemistry was palpable, which is exactly what you need for a strong duet. All the other celebrity singers were very complimentary of the performance.

As for the leaderboard, Bridget ended up 6th out of eight performances. We thought she could’ve been higher than how the judges scored her. Speaking of which, the scoring system is something we do not understand and hope the show will clear up in the coming weeks.

What did you think of the first night, Duets fans?