Hulk TV Series Still in Play at ABC: Just Not This Year

After the success of The Avengers, The Hulk could be smashing his way onto your television within a year

Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk in Marvel’s latest movie, The Avengers

ABC and Marvel work to expand Marvel projects to our televisions

ABC and Marvel haven’t produced any live-action series since Marvel became part of the Disney empire – but that could change in the next year or so.

ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee says an Incredible Hulk series is still in development at the network, and Marvel will also “develop aggressively” for other networks as well. A series based on The Punisher was set up at FOX this season but didn’t get to the pilot stage.

“Of course we’re immensely proud to be in a company with The Avengers,” Lee says. “… The Hulk is in development. It wasn’t going to be ready for this season, but we hope it will be ready for next season.” David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) and director Guillermo del Toro have been attached to the Hulk series.

Lee, who also runs ABC Studios, says ABC will take Marvel shows that are “appropriate to our brand,” but he’s more than willing to sell shows to NBC, FOX and CBS as well. “We would like to see some Marvel projects move to television.”

One Marvel project that doesn’t look like it’s moving forward is AKA Jessica Jones, based on the Alias comics by Brian Michael Bendis (no relation to the Jennifer Garner series of the same name). Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg had been working on an adaptation, but she’s now on board with ABC’s midseason show Red Widow.