Jerry Seinfeld Pitching Reality Show About Classic Cars

TV veteran Jerry Seinfeld may be returning to our screens with a new series featuring classic cars and his comedic friends

Jerry Seinfeld and friend Larry David checking out a vintage VW Beetle

Jerry Seinfeld could soon be back on your TV screens and this show is most definitely not about nothing

The Daily reports that Seinfeld is pitching a new reality show around Hollywood based on his love of classic cars. Tentatively titled Comics and Cars, the show would feature Seinfeld and pals like Alec Baldwin, Ricky Gervais and Larry David test-driving cars from their past, reminiscing and cracking jokes.

A source says, “The show is about funny conversations between funny people. This is Jerry-driven. It’s a personal project, a laboratory experiment that he cooked up.”

Seinfeld has been tweeting about the project recently, posting Twitpics of himself and Ricky Gervais in a classic car, strolling down the street, and himself and Larry David with a 1952 VW bug. We wonder if he has any kind of relationship with Jay Leno, because it’s well known that Leno is a huge classic car fan and collector.

A source also tells The Daily that Seinfeld may not be looking at long-time partner NBC. It’s more of “a niche concept” that is suited for something like the Speed Channel.

What do you think? Would you watch Jerry Seinfeld and pals be funny and drive around classic cars?