Lindsay Lohan Tanning Bill Tops $40,000

Lindsay Lohan's perma glow comes at a cost: a lawsuit from Tanning Vegas for $41,031.60 reportedly owed

The perfectly bronzed Lohan reported owes for that glow

Lohan to be sued for outrageous outstanding tanning salon fees

Apparently it takes a lot of money to achieve Lindsay Lohan’s particular shade of orange, because a Nevada tanning salon says that the actress still owes more than $40,000 for services it rendered between 2007 and 2009. A judge ordered the actress to pay up nine months ago, but since she hasn’t, the company is trying to get the case moved to Lohan’s home state of California, reports TMZ.

One of the reasons the bill from Tanning Vegas is so high is because the company frequently traveled from state to state to give Lohan her signature glow. The company’s owner, Lorit Simon, has already sued Lohan before — she alleged that Lohan stole the formula to her company’s signature spray tan and sold it under her own label, Sevin Nyne.

Simon wants the full $41,031.60 she says Lohan owes, plus attorney fees and interest.

There’s no response from Lohan just yet, but surely Michael Lohan will weigh in on the matter soon enough.

Lohan is currently hard at work playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick.