New on DVD: August 21

Let the Hunger Games begin! Katniss hits home on DVD this week

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Part one of the Hunger Games trilogy

The Hunger Games

Based in the first book of the best-selling trilogy of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins, this fantasy adventure follows young Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) as she is chosen to compete in a fight-to-the-death televised competition. Meanwhile, she struggles to deal with her budding romantic feelings for two different boys (Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth). Extras include several “making of” features and more.


The Dictator

In his first original non-mockumentary Cohen (of Borat fame) plays Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen, a dictator from the fictional country of the Republic of Wadiya in this raunchy, but often hilarious comedy. Once he moves to New York, the tyrant is forced to disguise himself as a local in order to fit in only to discover the many differences between him and his North African homeland.


Robert De Niro goes slumming in this direct-to-DVD action flick about the son (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) of a murdered police officer who joins the force and is teamed up with his father’s old partner (De Niro), who may be part of a squad of dirty cops. (Lionsgate)


In this “based on a true story” comedy from director Richard Linklater (School of Rock), Jack Black plays Bernie, a seemingly sweet Southern funeral director who becomes the personal assistant and constant companion of a crotchety widow (Shirley MacLaine). After the old woman disappears, the local D.A. (Matthew MacConaughey) suspects foul play. (Alliance)          

A Little Bit Zombie

In this horror spoof, a mild-mannered middle-management guy (Kristopher Turner) gets infected by a deadly virus that turns him into a brain-desiring killer. Now, if he can just keep that under control at work and at home with his shrewish fiancée (Crystal Lowe). (Anchor Bay)

Lovely Molly

After a newlywed couple moves back to the wife’s childhood home, a series of strange occurrences begin to make it look like she’s being possessed by a spirit still haunting the house in this occasionally effective supernatural thriller. (Image)

Virginia (eOne)

Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter behind Milk, makes his directorial debut with this dramedy about a mentally-ill woman (Jennifer Connelly) whose teenage son’s (Harrison Gilbertson) obsessive search for the identity of his father leads him to begin a relationship with the daughter of the local sheriff (Ed Harris), a man with whom his mother has been having an affair with for years. (eOne)

Home Run Showdown

Scooby Doo’s Matthew Lillard and Dean Cain star in this family comedy about two adult brothers and baseball coaches who have never outgrown their sibling rivalry and who find themselves competing against each other again through their little league baseball teams.  (eOne)

Let Go

Community hottie Gillian Jacobs co-stars with comedian Kevin Hart and veteran Ed Asner in this ensemble comedy about a missed-matched group of ex-cons who all report to the same downtrodden parole officer (David Denman). (eOne)


La Grande Illusion

As part of the Studio Canal Collection, this classic 1937 French film about a POW (Jean Gabin) confined by a German officer (Erich von Stroheim) during the First World War gets the magnifique blu-ray treatment. Extras include features on the background of film, the controversy that followed its release and the extensive restoration process used to bring it back to life. (Alliance)

Good Will Hunting: 15th Anniversary Edition

This anniversary re-issue of the Oscar-winning film about a blue-collar janitor (Matt Damon) whose hidden genius for math may never see its potential unless he leaves his old world behind. Robin Williams co-stars as the psychologist hired to try and find out why the boy won’t nurture his talent. EXTRAS include audio commentary from cast and director Gus Van Sant; deleted scenes and a new hour-long retrospective featuring candid interviews with the film’s stars. (Alliance)


Staind: Live From Mohegan Sun

Filmed in Connecticut during the band’s 2011 concert tour, this 16-song collection features not only classic songs from the band, but some of their newer material and the hit single “Country Boy” from their lead singer Aaron Lewis’ solo project. (Eagle Rock)


Mike & Molly: The Complete Second Season

The first season had this cuddly couple (Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy and Bill Gardell) meet and fall in love, ending with him asking her to marry him. This season follows their frantic – and always hilarious – road to the alter through 23 episodes, all available here on 3 DVDs. (Warner)

NCIS: The Ninth Season

Mark Harmon’s seemingly never-ending crime procedural returns for its ninth season and shows no signs of stopping. This six-disc collection features all heart-racing 24 episodes, which feature a stunning array of guest stars including Jamie Lee Curtis, Lily Tomlin, Cheryl Ladd, Sean Astin, Robert Wagner and many more. (Paramount)

NCIS: Los Angeles: The Third Season

This popular spin-off of original-recipe NCIS stars LL Cool J and Chris O’Connell features its own array of quality guest stars this season, including the original Highlander Christopher Lambert, Peter Stormare and Miguel Ferrer. This set includes all 23 episodes as well as the Hawaii-Five-0 crossover episode on 6 DVDs. (Paramount)

Perry Mason: The Seventh Season – Volume One

This 4-DVD set features the first 15 episodes from this long-running courtroom drama which starred Raymond Burr as the usually unbeatable lawyer Perry Mason. Guest stars in these episodes include Alan Hale, Jr. (Gilligan’s Island), Richard Anderson (The Bionic Woman), Diane Ladd and others. (Paramount)

House: The Eight and Final Season

When we last saw Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) at the end of the previous season, he had departed the scene of the crime after running his car through Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein, who has left the series) living room. When we catch up with him this season, he’ll already be behind bars for his emotional road rage and have to deal with life without his on-again off-again girlfriend. In this, the final season for the long-running drama, expect to see major changes for most of the cast – especially Robert Sean Leonard’s Wilson. This 5-disc set features all 22 episodes as well as an hour-long retrospective and much more. (Universal)

Revenge: Season One

In this modern take on the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, Brothers and Sisters star Emily van Camp returns to TV as Emily Thorne, a young woman with a mysterious past who arrives in the heart of the rich and famous – The Hamptons – with the goal of secretly wreaking havoc on the people who destroyed her family. All 22 episodes as well as deleted scenes, blooper and more are here on 5-discs. (Disney)