New on DVD: October 16

Wes Anderson's latest off-beat, whimsical film Moonrise Kingdom hits DVD this week

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Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom

In Wes Anderson’s latest off-beat, but gentle comedy, two young teens (Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward) fall in love and run away together in 1960s New England, setting the entire small town out to search for them including their parents (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand) and the local police (Bruce Willis). (eOne)


That’s My Boy

Former SNL alums Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg team up for the first time in this raucous comedy about an estranged hard-partying father (Sandler) who tries to get to know his strait-laced grown son (Samburg) on the eve of the young man’s wedding with the usual mixed bag of hilarious results. (Sony)

Chernobyl Diaries

When a group of young tourists (including Jesse McCartney and Olivia Dudley) seek out an adventure by exploring the deserted outlying buildings of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, they find themselves being hunted down by something lurking in the darkness. There’s something about the location where this film was shot that genuinely amps up the terror quotient to 11. (Warner)

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

As the animals from the first two films try to find a way back to their zoo home in New York, they accidentally end up in Monte Carlo where they join a travelling circus to avoid the clutches of an evil animal control officer (voiced by Frances McDormand). (Paramount)

Red Lights

Paranormal investigators Dr. Matheson (Sigourney Weaver) and her assistant (Cillian Murphy) have their work cut out for them when they set out to debunk a famous psychic (Robert De Niro), who suddenly reappears on the scene after 30 years, in this supernatural thriller from director Rodrigo Cortes (Buried). (Alliance)


The Santa Clause Collection

This 3-disc set (available in DVD and Blu-ray) contains all three of Tim Allen’s family films in which he plays Scott Calvin, a toy company executive who becomes Santa Claus. (Disney)


Neil Young Journeys

In this combination documentary/concert film, director Jonathan Demme captures legendary Canadian musician Neil Young as he drives from his northern Ontario hometown to Toronto, where he performed two intimate concerts at the Massey Hall. Along the drive, Young told stories of his life growing up and his years as a musician interspersed with songs from his shows to weave an entertaining and fulfilling package.


Mad Men: Season Five

It’s Memorial Day 1966 when this season of the highly-acclaimed drama opens and Don Draper’s fascination with his new marriage begins to take its toll on his work at the advertising agency. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new ad man (Ben Feldman) has some of the others, including Peggy, fearing for her job. This 4-disc set contains all 13 episodes of the season.

Touch: Season One

Kiefer Sutherland stars in this series as Martin Bohm, the single father of a young mute autistic boy (David Mazouz) who can only communicate through numbers. With the help of a kindly therapist (Danny Glover of the Lethal Weapon films), they soon discover that the boy holds strange powers in which he can predict future events. This 3-disc set contains all 13 episodes. (Fox)

Alcatraz: the Complete Series

In this J.J. Abrams series about the strange disappearance of several hundred convicts from the island prison in 1963, Detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) and Dr. Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia of Lost) find their investigation of a former inmate who seems to have returned to San Francisco impeded by the mysterious Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill), a government agent with a link to the prison’s dark history. Each week they try and track down another prisoner while slowly unraveling the mystery behind the entire secret project that went on deep within the bowels of the institution. This 3-disc set contains all 13 episodes. (Warner)

The Firm: The Complete Series

Josh Lucas stars in this TV spin-off of the 1993 Tom Cruise film (itself based on the best-selling book by John Grisham).  He plays Mitch McDeere, a lawyer who ten years earlier had turned against his own corrupt law firm sending many to prison while sending himself and his family into witness protection. Now, they are out and he’s back working as an attorney but the dangers of his past don’t always remain there. Molly Parker, Callum Keith Rennie, Juliette Lewis and Tricia Helfer round out the cast of this episodic thriller. This 6-disc set contains all 22 episodes.

The Closer: The Seventh and Final Season

In the final season of this long-running crime procedural, Kyra Sedgwick says good-bye to her charming Southern detective Brenda Johnson and welcomes in a new boss in the form of Mary McDonnell’s character Captain Sharon Raydor taking over. After this season of episodes, most of the original cast continued on in their roles for the spin-off series Major Crimes, which is now airing in the U.S. This 5-disc set contains all 21 episodes of this season.

Stephen Hawking: Brave New World

In this ground-breaking new series, Professor Stephen Hawking is joined by many scientific experts like Sir David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins to look at the latest cutting-edge discoveries that are changing the way we live for the better. The episode, for example, looks at medicine with biologist Aarathi Prasad heading into the jungles of Africa with virus killers, while Lord Robert Winston looks at the possibility that one day robots will be doing surgery on us. This five-part series comes with a 16-page viewer’s guide.

Little Mosque on the Prairies: The Sixth and Final Season

After six seasons, this Saskatchewan-set comedy series about the Muslim residents of a small Canadian town comes to an end with this 11-episode season (available on 2 DVDs) which leads up to the opening of a new mosque among other adventures.

Rizzoli and Isles: The Second Season

Based on the novels by Tess Gerritsen, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander star as police detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles, two Boston-based women who use their different professional skills to team up and solve often horrific and violent cases. This 3-disc set features all 15 episodes from the series sophomore season as well as many bonus features including unaired scenes and bloopers. (Warner)

Waterloo Road: Series One

This long-running British drama stars Jason Merrells as the headmaster of a financially-strapped school which has a less than stellar reputation and faces closure. The drama of the series first season (which consisted of 8 episodes – available here on this two-disc set) – seems equally split between the students (who deal with things like the accidental death of a peer at the hands of another student) and the staff (who struggle with their own personal problems).

Check it Out: Seasons 1 & 2

Originally a small segment of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! featuring John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule, a Dr. Phil-like motivational speaker was one of the highlights of that series. In 2010, it was spun-off into it’s own series of 12-minute episodes that ran on the US’s Cartoon Network. In these 12 episodes, Dr. Steve interviews different experts on their chosen professional subjects such as food, relationships, pleasure and boats. All of these are available on this DVD.