New on DVD: October 23

Every night is ladies night this week, as the male stripper extravaganza known as Magic Mike hits DVD


Magic Mike

Channing Tatum stars in the lady-pleasing Magic Mike

Magic Mike

When Channing Tatum told director Steven Soderbergh about his past career as a male exotic dancer, the director knew that the story had to be his next project, and so came the fictionalized tale of an older dancer giving his younger protégée (Alex Pettyfer) tips on making money and meeting women all while not wearing pants. (Warner)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

In this imaginative and violent mash-up of historical and horror genres (based on the best-seller by Seth Grahame-Smith, who also penned the screenplay for the recent Dark Shadows film), the future president of the U.S. sets out to emancipate some vampires from their heads. 

Madea’s Witness Protection

Tyler Perry dons the drag once again (and a couple of other roles, as well) for this comedy in which a New York investment banker (Eugene Levy) who is wanted by the mob is sent with his family (including Denise Richards and Doris Roberts) to live with Madea in her home.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley star in this dramedy (from first-time director Lorene Scafaria) about two neighbours who team up for one last road trip when they discover that an asteroid is heading towards earth and their days are numbered. (eOne)

REC 3: Genesis

In the third entry in this top-shelf Spanish horror franchise, a couple (Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin) discovers that some of their wedding guests have contracted a deadly virus that turns them into blood-thirsty killers during their reception at fancy hotel. But I didn’t have the salmon mousse? (eOne)

Secret of the Wings

Tinkerbell is back in another new straight-to-DVD film. This time the little fairy ventures beyond Tinker’s Nook and goes into the forbidden Winter Wood where she meets another fairy named Periwinkle and goes on a magical and unforgettable adventure. (Disney)

Apocalypse Hitler

This documentary may have a shocking title that sounds like a Syfy original film, but it’s just another rehash of the life and political career of Hitler from his youth as a failed artist through to his rise as leader of the Third Reich. (eOne)

A Little Bit of Heaven

Kate Hudson stars as Marley, a young woman who discovers that she may be terminally ill, but decides to try and live life to its fullest – which includes a possible romance with a handsome doctor (Gael Garcia Bernal). (Alliance)

The Ambassador

This funny and often frightening documentary features its own director (Mads Brugger) in the “starring role” who goes undercover (complete with hidden cameras) as a European diplomat to get deep inside the corrupt and dangerous bureaucratic jungle that is the Central African Republic.


Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Complete Fourth Season

In this CGI animated series from producer George Lucas, the action takes place between the third and fourth Star Wars films (or before the Battle of Yavin, as they refer to it as). As the fourth season, entitled “Battle Lines,” continues the Jedi find that they must ally themselves with an amphibious collaborator in order to help the denizens of the watery world of the Calamarians in a civil war against Separatist invaders. This 4-disc set (also available on blu-ray) contains all 22 episodes as well as tons of bonus features including commentaries and deleted scenes. (Warner)

The Fugitive: The Most Wanted Edition

This series, which began airing in 1963, followed Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen), an innocent man wrongly accused of killing his wife. Pursued by the determined Lt. Gerard (Barry Morse), Kimble spends his time travelling the country always trying to find the one-armed man who actually committed the murder. Throughout the series, Kimble took odd jobs to pay for his ongoing quest. Along the way he was put into situations that gave the series a revolving door of great actors, including appearances from people like Ted Knight, Tom Skerritt , Robert Duvall, Kurt Russell, Angie Dickinson, William Shatner and others. Now you can relive that popular series with this 33-disc set – with all 120 episodes including the two-part finale to the series, which in 1967 was the most watched TV show in history with over 45% of all households tuned in, a record that wasn’t broken until 1980 when J.R.’s would-be killer was named on Dallas. (Paramount)