New on DVD: October 9

This week on DVD, check out Prometheus, Ridley Scott's quasi-prequel to Alien


Prometheus has landed



Director Ridley Scott returns to the sci-fi genre that made him a Hollywood name (when he helmed Alien in 1979) with this film about the crew of a spaceship that uses a star map as a guide to try and uncover the beginnings of humanity. This is also being released in its original 3D aspect for those who have that technology. EXTRAS include audio commentary from Scott, deleted and extended scenes, an iPad app that allows you to scour through the characters’ files, and even a hidden “Easter Egg” that connects this film to Scott’s earlier film Blade Runner.


Rock of Ages

Based on the hit stage musical featuring songs made famous by bands like Journey, Bon Jovi and Twisted Sister, this film tells the story of Drew (Diego Boneta) and Sherrie (Julianne Hough), two young people trying to “make it big” in L.A. in the late 1980s assisted and detracted by an all-star supporting cast (including Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Alec Baldwin).

The Raven

John Cusack stars as writer Edgar Allen Poe in this fictionalized Victorian-era mystery in which the author assists the Baltimore police in finding an imaginative serial killer who is using his stories as inspiration for his murders.

A Cat in Paris

This Oscar-nominated French animated film follows the adventures of a black cat that leads a little girl on a great adventure throughout the streets of Paris one night.

The Courier

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Possession) stars in this action film in which he plays a Transporter-style delivery man who is hired to bring a mysterious package to a resurrected hit man. With the help of a female companion (Josie Ho), they battle a series of other baddies (including Mickey Rourke) who don’t want them to make that delivery.

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

In this gothic period piece, CGI effects take precedence over plot and performance as a remote village struggles to keep itself safe while trying to kill the werewolf that is terrorizing its citizens.

Shut Up and Play the Hits

By April of 2011, LCD Soundsystem frontman Murphy had already decided to break up his influential electronic dance-punk band and wanted to go out on top. This documentary covers the almost four-hour Madison Square Garden farewell concert and the personal reflections of the band members.

The Barrens

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer stars in this horror film as a man who becomes certain that he and his family are being stalked by the legendary Jersey Devil while they are on a camping trip. (Anchor Bay)


This multi-award winning Korean horror film tells the story of a young woman who lives in a small village on a remote island with her young daughter. Because of the cruelty and abuse she suffers from the other villagers, she is constantly trying to escape, but seems trapped on the island.

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters

For his fifth comedy special, Dunham performs a Halloween-themed show in front of a live audience in Savannah, Georgia where his creations like Peanut and Walter get to dress up in costumes for the occasion that turns out to be more treat than trick.


E.T.: The Anniversary Edition

This classic film about a stranded alien and his friendship with a boy who is determined to help it get back home is finally being released on blu-ray for the first time. EXTRAS include several hours of features include a cast reunion, director Steven Spielberg’s memories of the film and much more. (Universal)

The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour

This surreal musical starring the Beatles and featuring many hit songs finally gets it’s grand release on blu-ray this week in a fully restored state. Allow the film itself is a mixed bag, the EXTRAS that come along with it are phenomenal including a new audio commentary from Paul McCartney, alternate musical scenes, deleted scenes including a performance from Traffic which never made the final cut, several “making of” featurettes and more.

Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut

This 1986 film adaptation of the Broadway musical stars Rick Moranis as a nerdy flower shop employee who discovers a strange plant and accidentally realizes that it desires human blood for its food. An all-star cast of comedy greats including Steve Martin, Billy Murray and John Candy round out the film. What makes this release special is that director Frank Oz has finally been able to fully restore the darker 20-minute ending he originally shot (and which saw a B&W work print mistakenly released on an earlier release that was quickly recalled) as well as some other surprises. (Warner)

Something Big

In this 1971 light-hearted Western, Dean Martin plays an outlaw who wants to do “something big” before his new bride (Carol White) arrives from the East Coast. The only thing between him and success is an aging Army Colonel (Brian Keith) who is determined to stop him. This film is stock full of classic Western character actors like Ben Johnson, Denver Pyle and Harry Carey, Jr. as well as The Avengers’ Honor Blackman. (Paramount)


Falling Skies: Season One

Steven Spielberg executive produced this nail-biting family action series that takes place shortly after the earth has been invaded by aliens. ER’s Noah Wyle is a professor who, along with his sons, joins up with several strangers in order to survive and try to find a safe new place to call home. Each week finds the characters battling different species of the alien race as well as fighting among themselves for control and features great performances from co-stars Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton and especially Colin Cunningham as the untrustworthy villain Pope. This set features all 10 episodes of the series’ first season.

The Lucy Show: The Sixth and Final Season

This season (1967-1968) of Lucille Ball’s second big sitcom contains some of the series finest episodes as well as some of the biggest guest stars including Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, Joan Crawford and Sid Caesar. This four-disc set contains all 24 episodes as well as some unique bonus features. (Paramount)