New on DVD: September 18

On DVD this week, check out all of Steve Martin's legendary TV work. Plus, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Cabin in the Woods


Steve Martin: The Television Stuff


Steve Martin: The Television Stuff

In the late 1970s thanks to numerous appearances on Saturday Night Live and two best-selling albums (Let’s Get Small and A Wild and Crazy Guy), Steve Martin was the hottest name in comedy. It was only natural that he would get his own primetime TV specials. As was typical at the time, these network specials probably only aired once and then – aside from the lucky few fans who caught them – were forgotten.

Now, thanks to Shout Factory, we get to see all four of Martin’s NBC specials: Steve Martin: A Wild And Crazy Guy, Steve Martin: Comedy Is Not Pretty, All Steve Martin commercials . . . a Steve Martin Special and Steve Martin’s Best Show Ever; his 1976 HBO On Location special; and Homage to Steve which not only features his Oscar-nominated 1977 short film The Absent Minded Waiter, but also has a full-length live performance from the height of his stand-up career. This set also comes with a 24-page booklet with a new interview with Martin, rare photos and an essay by Adam Gopnik.

In all fairness, theses specials were hit-and-miss with a few highly memorable sketches (riding in a turtle rodeo; a video for Marty Robbins’ song “El Paso” enacted by monkeys and the all-star opening to Homage featuring David Letterman, Paul Simon, Alan King and Henny Youngman) they did feature a who’s-who of famous faces including former SNL stars Bill Murray, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Laraine Newman. The third disc in the set features a collection of rare TV appearances dating back to 1966 making this a must-have for his fans. (Shout! Factory)

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In this comedy directed by Shakespeare in Love’s John Madden, a group of British seniors (Judi Dench; Maggie Smith; Bill Nighy; Tom Wilkinson) come to a rundown Indian hotel expecting luxury only to find it not up to their standards. What they do find instead is a certain charm and in some cases an entirely new outlook on life.

Cabin in the Woods

This collaboration between Joss Whedon (The Avengers) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) about a group of friends who find themselves trapped in a remote cabin in the woods promises to turn the entire horror sub-genre inside out with its many surprising plot twists.


This a true story told with bits of seaside-postcard naughtiness sandwiched between solid laughs and old-fashioned romance that may appeal to the fans of things like Downton Abbey. Hugh Dancy plays a young Victorian doctor, whose ambition and desire for learning leads him to a physician (Jonathan Pryce) who specializes in treating women who have been diagnosed with hysteria (something that was considered a medical ailment until the 1950s). Once he goes to work for the doctor – and finds he has a fine hand for the trade – he meets the man’s two daughters: conservative Emily (Felicity Jones) and outspoken Charlotte (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and falls in love.

Katy Perry: The Movie – Part of Me

Perry showcases her continuous string of hit pop songs in this film that’s part concert and part backstage documentary which looks at the singer’s life outside of the spotlight. (Paramount)

The Magic of Belle Isle

Rob Reiner directed this charming drama about a famous novelist (Morgan Freeman) whose writer’s block leads him to the quiet coastal town of Belle Isle where he finds inspiration in the family living next door which includes a beautiful single mother (Virginia Madsen).

Salvation Boulevard

Greg Kinnear plays a born-again Christian who witnesses his evangelical pastor (Pierce Brosnan) commit a murder and then goes on the run to protect himself in this satire on organized religion.


In one of the more bizarre and intriguing premises lately, a freak tsunami traps a bunch of shoppers in a supermarket – along with a deadly great white shark in this offbeat Australian thriller. (Anchor Bay)

Battlefield America

Marques Houston (who also co-wrote this film) stars as a businessman who hires an instructor to bring together a group of urban kids and develop them into a winning underground dance team.

The Do-Deca-Pentathalon

Brothers Jay and Mark Duplass co-wrote and co-directed this comedy about two rival siblings (Mark Kelly and Steve Zissis) who create and compete in their own private 25-event Olympics to prove once and for all who is the “better brother”.

The Victim

After the rape and murder of her friend, a desperate female camper (Jennifer Blanc) seeks help from a lone stranger (Michael Biehn) living in a remote cabin in the woods. When he reluctantly agrees to help her, he soon discovers that things may not be as she told him. (Anchor Bay)

Beverley Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!

In the latest film in this series, Papi (voiced by George Lopez) and his litter move into a fancy hotel. When littlest pup Rosa  runs away after feeling unappreciated, its up to her family to track her down and show her how important she is. (Disney)


Get a Life: The Complete Series

Beginning the mid-1980s former NBC page and aspiring actor Chris Elliott began writing and appearing on Late Night with David Letterman as a series of strange characters like The Guy Under the Seats, the Fugitive Guy and his own interpretation of Marlon Brando. His off-beat humour led him and Late Show writer Adam Resnick to develop an idea for a sitcom based on the premise “what would Dennis the Menace be like as an adult?”

Eventually they teamed up with producer David Mirkin and that idea became the short-lived 1990 – 1992 series Get a Life. In it Elliott plays Chris Peterson, a upbeat man-child whose delusions about himself and his abilities lead him into an ever-increasing series of bizarre situations including becoming a male model; getting trapped in a two-man submarine and starring in a musical called Zoo Animals on Wheels.

In the first season, Peterson lives at home with his parents (Elinor Donahue and Elliott’s own father Bob) before moving into the garage of gruff ex-cop Gus (Brian Doyle-Murray). This series has long been out of circulation neither appearing in syndication or having a proper DVD release due to the extensive music rights (including the theme song from REM), but has finally seen the light of day in a all-encompassing 3-disc set (from Shout! Factory) which not only includes all 35 episodes (each one with audio commentaries on all of them including one from an actual psychologist analyzing Chris Peterson’s mental issues); a roundtable discussion with cast and crew; a 2012 look-back and much more. (Shout! Factory)

Hawaii Five-0: The Complete Second Season

The second season of this popular reboot of the classic TV series begins as the last season ended, with Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) arrested for the murder of the governor and the rest of the Five-0 team (including recurring guest star Terry O’Quinn) in search of the real killer. This season boasted many thrilling episodes among its 23 and guest stars like James Caan, Tom Sizemore and William Baldwin and a crossover episode with NCIS: Los Angeles.

Modern Family: The Complete Third Season

This season finds little changed in this hilarious sitcom and why should it. If it ain’t broke and all that. On thing that seems to be happening more is the appearance of more guest stars sprinkled among these 24 episodes including David Cross, Jennifer Tilly, Leslie Mann and Kevin Hart as well as special episodes set at a dude ranch and Disneyland.

The Mentalist: The Complete Fourth Season

Like so many series that left their fans on the edge of their seats with cliffhanging finales last season, this popular procedural is no exception. At the end of last year, Patrick Jane was arrested for killing who he believed was his long-time nemesis Red John (the man responsible for the deaths of Jane’s wife and child) and now is forced to defend himself in court. Needless to say, it isn’t long before the detective is back helping solve crimes in this 24-epsiode season (available on this 6-disc set).

Suburgatory: The Complete First Season

When single father George (Jeremy Sisto of Law & Order) begins to think that life in Manhattan may be causing his teenage daughter Tessa (Jane Levy) to be growing up too fast, he moves the two of them to the suburbs. But, the question remains – will this Big City pair find happiness among the cookie-cutter ranchers and soccer moms (including Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines)? Jay Mohr, Alicia Silverstone and SNL’s Chris Parnell guest star throughout this year’s 22 episodes. (Warner)

Rawhide: The Fifth Season (Vols. 1 & 2)

The long-running Western series that launched the career of Clint Eastwood returns to DVD with the fifth season (available in two 3-disc sets). Built around the adventures of the hard-working men who drive cattle across the country, this set collectively contains  all 29 episodes which include guest appearances by Lon Chaney, Robert Loggia, Keenan Wynn and others. (Paramount)

Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season

This season, while still containing some great “monster of the week” episodes, concentrated on the Winchester brothers teaming up with Castiel (Misha Collins) as they try and destroy the Leviathans. This 6-disc set features all 23 episodes. (Warner)

Army Wives: The Complete Sixth Season

This Lifetime series stars Kim Delaney and Katherine Bell as two of a group of women whose husbands are all in the army and the emotional problems they deal with. This 3-DVD set contains this season’s first 13 episodes.

Heartland: Season Five

Based on the books by Lauren Brooke, this CBC drama about the people who run a ranch for injured horses returns with it’s fifth season coming to DVD. Amber Marshall and Michelle Morgan head up the cast of characters as sisters who work with their stubborn grandfather at the ranch. This 5-disc set contains all 18 episodes. (eOne)

Body of Proof: Complete Second Season

This 4-disc set contains all 20 episodes from this medical procedural’s sophomore season. Dana Delaney portrays Dr. Megan Hunt, a former neurosurgeon who is demoted to medical examiner after a tragic accident, but still manages to use her advanced medical skills to help solve crimes. (Disney)